Padma Lakshmi Was Seen With These Two Celebrities At A Knicks Game

In the ever-popular game of "which celebrity is dating which celebrity," food television personality Padma Lakshmi has always been a popular subject for players to speculate about. Per People, the "Top Chef" host and former model was married to author Salman Rushdie for three years until 2007. Since then, Lakshmi has been linked to venture capitalist Adam Dell, who is the father of her daughter, Krishna. Most recently, Lakshmi dated poet and NYU School of Arts and Sciences professor Terrance Hayes, but the two have since ended their relationship

Last November, when Lakshmi shared a photo of herself with funny men Pete Davidson and Chris Rock at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, the internet erupted with speculation as to "which" person Davidson was dating out of Lakshmi and Rock. Lakshmi responded humorously with, "Chris, I think" (via Twitter). One can only wonder what the rumor mill has in store after seeing photos of Lakshmi at a Knicks game with two different male celebrities on January 23.

Lakshmi attended the game with her daughter, Krishna

Over the weekend, Lakshmi sat courtside at a Knicks home game with "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah and comedian Tracy Morgan, according to the Daily Mail. She sat between the two stars in the front row. However, sitting directly next to her was her daughter, Krishna, a fact that (on a rare occasion) appears to have dampened speculation about a new love interest for Lakshmi. Neither Morgan nor Noah is married; Morgan and his second wife announced their split in 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Noah has never been married, although he has recently been linked again to his ex-girlfriend, actress Minka Kelly, per Elle.

Lakshmi, Krishna, and Morgan posed together for a photo during the Knicks game, but it appears that the seating arrangement was purely coincidental — and typical of a star-studded sports game in New York City. Also in attendance were actor J.R. Ramirez, model Alice Palay, and MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber.