Here's How Lobster Became Associated With Valentine's Day

There are certain items that you just don't eat when you're trying to charm your date at the dinner table. Spaghetti has long been notorious for being one of the worst things that you could possibly eat on a date — no one wants to awkwardly slurp noodles with tomato sauce all over their face. Spicy foods, gaseous fizzy drinks, sticky and messy finger foods like buffalo wings and tacos are also not the best idea for obvious reasons.

While the list of what not to eat is long, what you should be eating is even longer. There's nothing quite like sharing one plate of chocolate cake with two spoons and a glass of red wine, but seafood is also considered by many to be equally romantic. As unusual as eating oysters on a date may sound, oysters have long been considered to be an aphrodisiac food possibly due to high amount of zinc (via Healthline). In addition to oysters, another seafood is considered by many to be a romantic meal to share on a date. A Harris Poll asked 1000 adults whether lobster was "the food of Romantics on Valentine's Day," and 42% of the poll respondents said yes (via Lobster Fly).

Lobsters are thought to be romantic animals

Lobster has had quite the history, from being a sign of embarrassment and poverty to its current status as a posh meal for the luxurious (via Pacific Standard). On a Harris Interactive survey, chefs indicated that lobsters are an "exotic delicacy that results in an intimate moment because it is hand-held and shareable" (via The Fish Site). It's clear that lobster can be a romantic food to connect with your Valentine's Day lover.

One reason for lobster's perception as a romantic food could be due to the omega-3 fish oils present in all seafood, according to The Fish Site. The oils are thought to increase libido and sex hormones in the body. It is also said that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born from the sea and so all animals of the sea are symbols of love and romance, making them perfect for Valentine's Day (via Cape Porpoise Lobster). 

As fans of the show "Friends" know, the character Phoebe Buffay has successfully ingrained in everyone's mind that lobsters are the ultimate sign of eternal love because lobsters mate for life: Lobster couples, she claims, can be seen romancing in their tanks and holding each other's claws. While Today reports that this isn't actually true, its impact on cultural perception is already done. Maybe you can try a snazzy lobster bisque recipe to woo your date this Valentine's Day.