Here's How Much Beer Is Drunk During The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is just a few weeks away, leaving many fans elated that Dry January is coming to an end just in the nick of time. The NFL Championship game is all about gathering with family and friends and rooting for your favorite team, or maybe second or third favorite — sorry, Tom Brady fans, he can't be in the big game every year. It also means a lot of food and beer is going to be consumed. Whether you are clinking your mugs and bottles in triumph or loss, Super Bowl Sunday has a few guarantees. There will be a winner. There will be a loser. And there will be a lot of beer gulped down before, during, and after the game. But, just how much?

We could leave it at "a lot," and it really would encapsulate the actual figures we've seen thrown around, but it doesn't impart that same sense of shock and bewilderment when you get right down to it. In fact, the amount that supposedly will be imbibed is a little staggering when you see it laid out. According to the likes of HuffPost and the The Telegraph, 325.5 million gallons of beer will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Like we said, it's a lot, though still paling in comparison to the 1.2 billion chicken wings that are noshed on during the big game, as reported by Men's Journal. But, even that magazine is a little suspicious of this beer figure, and it has us wondering if a good draught is even really the beverage of choice anymore for Super Bowl Sunday.

Could the number be hyperbole?

Let's first put that number into perspective. Men's Journal did some math and found, that if 325.5 million gallons of beer is to be believed, that would mean the entirety of the U.S. population is drinking more than a gallon of beer, or approximately 10 cans each during the game. Bear in mind, that would include your babies and little kids, so truth or fiction? Of course, that number could also account for how much beer is thrown at the television in frustration or spilled in your significant other's lap to get their attention before halftime.    

Still, it appears that beer remains the alcohol of choice for those hosting Super Bowl parties or even just watching solo. Per a 2021 report compiled by Morning Consult, while 62% of those surveyed that plan to host a party said they will be serving soda to their guests, beer is the alcoholic drink they will have on hand — and, surprisingly, there is a concentration of people who prefer the light variety. This company's data shows that 44% of people who planned on attending a Super Bowl party said they would be drinking light beer, and 30% of NFL fans who were not attending a party noted they will also be drinking light beer. Whatever you plan to drink on Super Bowl Sunday, be it a sugary soda or an ice-cold beer, just remember to do so responsibly and choose your designated driver before the game begins.