KFC Just Dropped 2 New Bundle Meals, But There's A Catch

When you're in the mood for some down-home, Southern comfort food but don't have time to drive to Grandma's for her own cookin', one option is to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The international fast food chain, which was started in the 1950s by the famous Colonel Sanders himself, now has more than 25,000 locations around the world, and a massive fanbase to match. The chain's claim to fame is its crunchy fried chicken, of course — which is still made with its OG secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. But also boasts finger-licking sides, including crispy fries, fluffy mashed potatoes drowning in gravy, creamy coleslaw, and flaky biscuits.

If you're a KFC regular, you likely already have your go-to order (chicken sandwich and a side of macaroni and cheese, please). But sometimes a customer might want something capable of feeding a group. The chain has previously come up with such offers as the Family Fill Up, which, according to KFC Facebook post, "can fill up a family of 4 or a family of 3 and 1 guest or 2 families of 2 who just happen to be sharing a meal or 4 unrelated people who all just really like chicken." 

KFC recently came out with two bundle meals that look large enough to feed a crowd or even just a very hungry family (via Chew Boom). Here's what you should know about KFC's new bundle meals, including where (and how) to order them. 

You can't order the new KFC meals in stores

For fans of KFC who are hoping to try the recent menu additions, there's good news — the new bundle meals are already on the menu nationwide. There are two options: the Sandwiches and Tenders meal and the Sandwiches and Sides meal. The total calories for the meals range from 3,040 to 7,430 calories, depending on the items you choose (via the KFC website). The Sandwiches and Tenders meal comes with four chicken sandwiches (classic or spicy), six extra-large crispy tenders, two large sides of your choosing, four biscuits, and a beverage bucket. The Sandwiches and Sides meal also comes with four classic or spicy chicken sandwiches, along with two large sides. The prices for each vary by location and are only available for a limited time.

However, there's one caveat: If you plan to walk into your nearest KFC location and order one of the meals at the counter, you'll be out of luck. Same goes for if you pull up to the drive-thru window. The bundle meals are only available through the KFC app and online ordering. If you visit the KFC menu online, you'll see the meals are marked "Digital Exclusive." The KFC app is currently available for download at the App Store or through Google Play.