Aldi Fans Can't Wait To Grab These Southwest Succulents

If the cold weather, bitter winds, and chilly winter storms already have you dreaming of spring, you're not alone. And while no one and nothing can make the nicer weather come any faster, Aldi just might help you feel a little warmer with their new line of cheerful southwest succulents. After all, there is nothing like adding a touch of greenery to your home to help make spring feel not so far away.

Succulents are popular because they are hardy and can thrive pretty much any place where there is plenty of sunlight and healthy soil, per Country Living. They tend to be easier to care for than some more finicky types of plants, so green thumb novices or even people with a so-called brown thumb are still able to enjoy the pop of color these vibrant plants can bring. As such, many Aldi fans were excited to see the grocery store is now selling a variety of these southwest treasures. Each succulent also comes with its own adorable decorative pot, so even if your plant outgrows its initial container, it can be reused for your next new piece of greenery, or repurposed as another form of home décor.

Aldi fans had good things to say about these new houseplants

The popular Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds even made a post alerting their followers to the arrival of the succulents at the store, and the news was largely met with excitement. "I'm in need of more house plants," one follower replied, while another joked, "I have a succulent problem due to Aldi. I have over 30." A few other shoppers praised the quality of the chain's offerings. "I have a few from Aldi that I got five years ago. They are huge now!!" one shopper raved, while another replied, "My last Aldi succulent I bought is about to have blooms open up, I've never had one like this bloom."

However, despite the plant's reputation for being a great plant for beginners, some commenters still reported they had trouble keeping their succulents alive. And while they are heartier than most varieties, many people make the common mistake of overwatering them when first starting their journey. Succulents only need to be watered when their soil is just about dry, which is about once per week for small plants, or every other week for larger pots, according to Sunset. They also do best when supplemented with high-nutrient organic fertilizer and stored in pots with good drainage to help prevent rot. So, as long as they are kept in sunlight and good soil, and watered just the right amount, these lovely Aldi plants should likely thrive no matter where you live.