Aldi's Adorable Coffee Plant Mugs Are Turning Heads

Coffee is one of the most popular ways that people add a little extra boost to their mornings. While most people usually fill up their mugs with coffee that has already been ground, run through a coffee maker, and maybe even sweetened with cream and sugar, Aldi is now offering their customers a unique new way to get their caffeine fix: With a coffee plant potted in a cozy mug.

That's right, the grocery store is combining two mood-boosting items into a practical decoration that adds new energy to your room and, eventually, your mornings. At Aldi stores where they're available, brightly painted coffee mugs are filled to the brim not with prepared coffee, but with the bright, cheerful stalks of a Coffea arabica plant, complete with a "but first coffee" tag. The popular Aldi fan Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds made a post celebrating the arrival of these charming Plant Shoppe coffee mugs, and fans can't stop raving about how satisfied they are with the item.

Aldi's coffee plant mugs are charming, functional, and affordable

"I was so excited when I came home from work," Instagram user @summerraein commented on @aldifavoritefinds' post, describing the moment she saw that her husband had picked up a plant mug for her. "It's so cute," she added. While it is certainly cute, these coffee plants are also functional and affordable. They cost between $3.99 and $5.99, depending on your Aldi location, and according to many followers, they are quite hardy and will last for a long time. 

"I thought I killed mine from last year and then it came back to life!" one Instagram user confirmed, with another writing, "I bought one a few years ago, transplanted from the cup last Spring! It's doing well!" Once the coffee plant has outgrown its original mug, you'll still have the colorful cup to fill up with coffee of the liquid variety (or your other favorite beverage). So if you've been looking for a cheerful plant that will invigorate you and brighten up both your house and your mood, then look no further than your local Aldi.