Hardee's Heart-Shaped Biscuits Are A Holiday Tweak On A Fan Favorite

Anyone looking to enjoy some Valentine's Day-themed food in celebration of the holiday has a ton of available options at their fingertips. Good Housekeeping recommends heart-shaped cakes and red velvet cookies for home cooks that plan to stay in during the holiday. Meanwhile, Woman's Day suggests pepperoni pizza dip (in a heart-shaped bowl, of course), chocolate marshmallow sandwich cookies in the shapes of X's and O's, and strawberry-Snickers skewers for anyone looking to celebrate romance at the table. Of course, some folks prefer to outsource all of their Valentine's Day vittles, and these are precisely the customers Hardee's seems to be targeting with it's lover's holiday roll-out

According to QSR, Hardee's plans to once again drop its heart-shaped biscuits in celebration of Valentine's Day. These same items were also available in 2021 for a very limited four-day window. It looks like Hardee's plans to keep the run dates of this menu item consistent — fans can once again participate in the promotion from February 11 to February 14. 

Only the shape of Hardee's Valentine's Day biscuits is different

According to the press release sent to Mashed, Hardee's customers don't even have to ask for the new heart-shaped biscuits, because they will be used for "all of Hardee's biscuit menu items" throughout the promotion. Of course, they're also available as a side, which Mashed reported in 2021 ran "for a starting price of $1.19 plus tax" each. Hardee's is also offering a BOGO deal on Bacon Beast Biscuits on February 11 — yep, that's two for the price of one. According to Comicbook, these biscuit creations are assembled with "six half strips of bacon, two slices of American cheese, and a folded egg."

While any BOGO deal is typically a great one, it's a good bet that Hardee's biscuit fans wouldn't mind scoring themselves a free, whimsical breakfast biscuit sandwich, while also setting the mood for their Valentine bright and early in the morning. Hardee's has also reassured biscuit diehards that it didn't change the recipe for its heart-shaped version, guaranteeing that the Cupid-inspired confections feature the same taste and quality as Hardee's year-round biscuit.