Dunkin' Is Bringing Back Some Sweet Fan Favorites For Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just over a week away, many people are either scrambling to book reservations at romantic restaurants or figuring out what impressive dinner to cook at home. While V-Day isn't everybody's cup of tea, there are countless things to do on this love-filled holiday, even if you haven't been struck by Cupid's arrow. Regardless of your relationship status, you should definitely take advantage of the best part of Valentine's Day: sweet treats.

Grocery store aisles are filling up with heart-shaped boxes of Valentine's candy, while fast food chains are debuting on-theme red and pink goodies, such as Dairy Queen's red velvet cake Blizzard. Hopping on the lover's holiday bandwagon with its own special menu is Dunkin': The coffee and donut chain announced in a press release the return of some popular V-Day treats, which fans may remember from previous years. Here are the sweet donuts and drinks on the lineup.

Expect lots of sprinkles on these Valentine's Day donuts

Dunkin' announced its plans to kick off Valentine's season with two specialty donut flavors: brownie batter and Cupid's Choice. The former is coated with chocolate frosting and filled with brownie batter buttercream, while the Cupid's Choice is blanketed in a strawberry-flavored icing and filled with the chain's Bavarian Kreme. Both of these seasonal donuts are shaped like a heart and topped with Valentine's Day-themed sprinkles.

To keep the festivities going, Dunkin' is also temporarily adding some tried-and-true seasonal beverages to its menu. The chain suggests that chocolate-loving customers pair their brownie batter donut with an iced cocoa mocha latte. Those ordering the Cupid's Choice may want to wash it down with a pink strawberry Dunkin' Coconut Refresher, a strawberry- dragonfruit-flavored drink made with coconut milk, B vitamins, and green tea. All four seasonal menu items are available now through February 22, Chew Boom reports.