Costco Shoppers Are Giving These Mozzarella Sticks An A+

If die-hard Costco members could tell you just one thing about their experience shopping at the retailer, it would probably be that there's nothing more satisfying than finding something phenomenal for a really good price. In the sprawling aisles of this big-box warehouse store, customers love to discover finds that makes their membership worth every penny, from kitchen appliances to quality wines.

Most Costco shoppers would likely agree that a trip to the store isn't complete without stocking up on snack foods: big plastic jars of cheese balls, variety packs of chips, oversized tubs of mixed nuts, and, of course, a box of frozen and ready-to-heat mozzarella sticks, the snack that hits the perfect trifecta of cheesy, crunchy, and fried. According to some Costco-loving Redditors, there's a select brand of deep-fried cheese sticks that you should be on the lookout for the next time you make a trip to your location.

Petite Cuisine mozzarella sticks are the ones to get

"Mozzarella sticks are A+ in my book," u/LadoBlanco posted on the subreddit r/Costco with a photo of the chain's Petite Cuisine-brand cheese-stuffed appetizers. Fellow internet users seemed to agree unanimously. "This is one of those things I want to buy so bad but my conscience won't let me because there's no way I could be responsible eating these," said one user. Another commenter claimed that they were so addicted to these mozzarella sticks, they ate them every night for dinner for about a week until their husband cut them off.

That Redditor isn't the only one who consumes Costco's mozz sticks with great enthusiasm: "I ate 5lbs in a week and 10lbs total in a month," another user said, adding that they buy a large quantity of the snacks whenever they go on sale. "This is one of those things that my father-in-law says where 'one is too many, and the whole box is not enough,'" one person chimed in. How do other corners of the internet feel about this Costco buy? Business Insider's Su-Jit Lin ran a review of 10 brands of frozen mozzarella sticks, including Petite Cuisine's. Lin said the brand's version is definitely "worth buying in bulk," with the same decently flavorful, greasy qualities (and solid cheese pull) of mozzarella sticks you'd find at a casual restaurant.