Aldi's Butter Labels Are Confusing Reddit

When it comes to baking, everything has to be pretty precise. For example, essential ingredients are measured out very carefully to avoid a baking disaster, with salt being one ingredient in particular that you definitely don't want to accidentally add too much of in your desserts. Butter is another. In fact, one Aldi shopper saw the potential for that exact problem to occur, thanks to the way the grocery store has packed and labeled their in-house brand of butter.

Also sells both salted and unsalted versions of their Countryside Creamy butter. The boxes look a little different, with the unsalted option packed in a blue box, while the salted version is stored in a box with a red label. However, when Reddit user u/JoshTay opened up each box after a recent shopping trip, they were a little surprised to find the color of the wrappers were totally the opposite. The unsalted butter was wrapped in a red-colored sleeve, while the salted butter had a blue wrapper. 

Understandably, they were a little confused as to why the brand would choose not to color coordinate the boxes and labels, so they took to Reddit to share their frustration. "Aldi, why ya gotta mess with my head?? Pick a color scheme and stick to it," they captioned a picture of the mismatched butter next to their respective boxes.

Many people felt the butter wrappers should match their boxes

Many fellow Reddit users were also baffled as to why Aldi would choose to swap the color schemes, making it more likely that people would mix up the two when cooking or baking. After all, swapping salted for unsalted butter, or vice versa, can make a pretty big difference in a recipe. Unsalted is more "pure," with nothing added, which gives it a mellow, fresh taste that makes it popular for many baked goods, per Cooking Light. Butter with salt added, however, has a longer shelf life — and while the amount of additional salt can vary by brand, using it may change the flavor of a pastry or dish, and also add more sodium intake to your diet (via Sally's Baking Addiction).

"This has long been a complaint of mine," another Redditor said of the mismatched wrappers, while another shopper added that the labels "messed me up entirely too much." However, not everyone saw a problem. "One is unsalted, and one is salted. That's why the wrappers are different colors ..." u/TeddyMarvel17 wrote. "Salted vs. unsalted. Every brand does this," agreed another user. While it does seem like it would be easier to remember if the wrappers matched the color of their respective boxes, one problem-solving commenter suggested another simple way to determine the difference. "So ya gotta take a lil taste every time," they joked.