Aldi Shoppers Are Unimpressed With This Shopping Cart Boast

Many consumers are seeing food costs continually rise year after year, with the prices on both restaurant menus as well as in grocery stores climbing. However, for budget-conscious shoppers, there's one particular chain that often proves irresistible because of its famously low prices — Aldi.

There are a few different reasons that Aldi is able to provide customers with a more budget-friendly grocery shopping experience. More than 90% of the store's products are private label, according to the Aldi FAQ page. As Taste of Home outlines, the chain remains incredibly low-frills in terms of store decor, shelf stocking style, and all the other components required to keep a grocery store running. These little cost-saving measures all add up, allowing the chain to offer customers lower prices on many items. However, that doesn't mean you'll automatically roll out of Aldi with a full cart and minuscule shopping receipt, as one Reddit user found.

In the Aldi subreddit, Reddit user kcjcfan shared a snap of their cart, which was stocked with a variety of groceries, including bread, a few boxes of cereal, milk, and produce such as bananas, blueberries, and bagged lettuce. The photo was shared with no additional commentary beyond the post title, which boasted that the Aldi haul was "$105 for a cart full!!!" While the title implied the original poster was thrilled with the bargain, as the comments demonstrated, many Aldi shoppers were unimpressed by the Reddit user's "budget" haul.

Other shoppers didn't think $105 was a very low price

Though the Reddit poster seemed pleased about the groceries they obtained for $105, many other shoppers felt that it wasn't actually all that much food. One user, halfasshippie3, asked, "What part of the country is this? I feel like this is expensive for this much at Aldi." Another agreed, writing, "That's what I thought as well, must've been a lotta top shelf brands. That looks like $60 at my aldi's." User xcanyoudiggitx added, "I'm sorry I'm finding it difficult to see how this is a whole hundred dollars... But then again I'm consistently surprised by my high biweekly grocery bill."

The original poster engaged with a few individuals in the comment section and clarified that the grocery haul pictured was a bargain compared to the competition, stating that it was actually "about $30 cheaper than Walmart." It remained a very good deal from their perspective. While many of the items visible in the cart were relatively inexpensive options like bread and bananas, the poster also said the haul included three gallons of milk (with only one clearly visible in the picture itself) as well as three pounds of turkey. Given that meat prices have been skyrocketing throughout the pandemic for various reasons, as Environmental Working Group reports, perhaps that clarification helps explain the price for some would-be commenters.