TikTok Has Mixed Feelings About This Male Karen's McDonald's Complaint

McDonald's is the top-grossing fast food restaurant in the U.S. with over $40 billion in sales in 2019 (via Fox Business), so it's safe to say that most people are familiar with their classic menu offerings of burgers, chicken, and french fries. When the chain announced that they were going to officially start offering items that until now were just secret menu hacks, fans seemed excited.

By choosing offerings from the official McDonald's "Menu Hacks" list, which became available on January 31, fans of the chain can now order mash-ups like the Hash Brown McMuffin, the Land, Air & Sea, and the Crunchy Double, which combine existing menu items into new creations (via PR Newswire). But some fans didn't realize that when they ordered one of these items, they would need to assemble them by hand in order to make the creation come to life. That's what happened to one McDonald's fan on TikTok, who is now being called a "McKaren" by some commenters (via TikTok).

This TikTok got flack from McDonald's fans

Not everyone read the fine print on the McDonald's press release about the "Menu Hacks," which states that after customers place their order for a Menu Hacks sandwich, they'll receive "all the delicious menu items needed to build them by hand (because that's half the fun)." One TikToker posted a video of their husband leaving an angry voicemail for McDonald's customer service. In the video, he can be heard saying, "It was not one sandwich. It was apparently three sandwiches that I had to make myself into a Land, Air & Sea. If I wanted to make my own sandwich, I would have stayed home and made my own sandwich."

Some people sympathized with the customer. "I work at McDonald's and when I saw these 'menu hacks' and then 'build it yourself' I knew people were going to be upset," said one. "This promotion was a mistake," said another. But not everyone felt that way. "It literally says make it yourself on the advertisement. Don't blame McDonald's because you can't read," said one, while another simply commented, "McKaren" with the crying-laughing emoji. Another said, "I handle complaints for a restaurant chain. It's people like him that make me wish I was never born." We may never know if the person in question ever assembled and ate their Land, Air & Sea sandwich, but let this be a lesson to us all to always read the fine print.