Busch Light's Super Bowl Ad Features A Surprising Guest Star

If last year's numbers are any indication, beer sales should certainly not be lacking in the days leading up to the 2022 Super Bowl (via Forbes). Nevertheless, the country's biggest beer brands are still looking to boost customer awareness through commercials to be played during the popular football game. One of these brands is Busch, using the Super Bowl as an opportunity to promote Busch Light, per a press release sent to Mashed.

As many people may know, scoring a Super Bowl commercial does not come cheap, with some companies paying as much as $6.5 million for 30 seconds of air time, according to USA Today. To stand out amid all the excitement, many brands recruit celebrities to appear in their ads, as is the case with Sam's Club's Super Bowl commercial featuring comedian Kevin Hart. This year, Busch Light has brought on a famous musician to bring its 1979 jingle, "Head for the Mountains," alive. 

Kenny G adds his saxophone playing to "Head for the Mountains"

Grammy Award-winning musician Kenny G, known for his 1990s hit, "Forever In Love," can be seen playing the saxophone in Busch Light's Super Bowl commercial, titled "Voice of the Mountains" and available on YouTube. The ad is set in the deep wilderness, where a camper offers his companion a can of Busch light. Almost immediately after he cracks it open, three singing figures appear over the mountains in the distance, followed by "the king of smooth jazz," Kenny G, per the announcement sent to Mashed. "Every time you crack open a crisp, refreshing Busch Light, the mountains start singing," the ad explains. 

Busch tapped the Martin Agency to create its first Super Bowl commercial in five years. Kenny G said he thought the partnership worked "beautifully" because the beer matches the "smoothness" of his work. Those hoping to win a "mountain's worth" of Busch Light to drink during the big game can tweet @buschbeer with #mountainofbusch and #sweepstakes, the brand says.