The Sweet Way Chick-Fil-A Honored This 91-Year-Old Employee

While there was once this sweet concept that we'd all get to spend our "golden years" enjoying an endless summer vacation known as retirement, the grim reality for many these days is working well into our advancing years. The number of Americans over 75 still in the workforce was just 6.6% as of 2018, but that number is rising all the time. While some older workers stay in the game because they get bored staying at home, the motivation for most workers, particularly those at the lower end of the economic spectrum, is simply that they need that paycheck. As labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci told CBS News, most workers aged 65 and up are still on the job because they lack the retirement plan funds or pension income that would allow them to stop working.

Well, we are not sure what led Elizabeth Ann Mafford to seek a job at an Odessa, Texas Chick-fil-A in her 80s, but Your Basin says the 91-year-old has been working there for the past 10 years. Working at Chick-fil-A, like any fast food job, is exhausting enough for workers ¼ of her age, and the paychecks are likely on the low side. Still, it's nice to know that she is at least appreciated by her customers and coworkers alike.

Ms. Ann's anniversary was an occasion for celebration

Mafford is known as Ms. Ann to her friends, customers, and coworkers. She was out of work for a while in 2020 in order to avoid exposure to COVID, and during this time Your Basin reports that numerous patrons inquired about her health on each visit. When she returned to work, there was much rejoicing, and the store even held a parade for her on her 90th birthday that July.

More recently, Ms. Ann celebrated another milestone: her 10th anniversary on the job, which took place on February 3rd of this year. The Odessa Chick-fil-A posted an announcement on Facebook that they would be holding a special celebration at the store that afternoon and that all customers were invited. Congratulations and heart emojis poured in, as well as tributes from Ms. Ann fans who commented "We love you Ms. Ann!! You make that chick fil a what it is" and said "She Is Such A Blessing." There was even someone who admitted "idk her but I love her."

The moral of this story is: if you do find yourself having to work into your 10th decade, sure, it'll be tough. If you can somehow manage to do so with a smile on your face, though, then you, too, can be an inspiration to all of us (or at least our descendants).