TikTok Is Loving Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To This Mountain Dew Steak

Although Gordon Ramsay's celebrity status came from his cooking shows and infamous temper, he's now a star on TikTok as well. Ramsay appears in countless videos alongside his daughter Tilly, who has clearly inherited her father's roasting skills (but thankfully, is a much better dancer).

The chef also his own popular TikTok account, where he shares cooking tips, keeps up with social media trends, and — of course — skewers the dishes that other TikTok users are cooking. "People are putting rib-eye steaks in toasters," Ramsay told People Magazine. "They're doing the most ridiculous things with ice coffees! It's crazy."

Ramsay currently has 31 million followers on the platform, and his videos have amassed more than 463 million likes. And with over 8 million views, his most recent post has potential to become one of his most popular TikToks yet. So what exactly is Chef Ramsay going off about in this latest video that has the internet going wild? 

Some steak cooking techniques just shouldn't exist

Food fanatics know that seasoning — specifically, lack of seasoning — is probably the biggest and most common mistake you can make in the kitchen, especially when cooking a steak.

One TikToker decided to season his steak only with salt before tossing it in a pan with the Voo Dew edition of Mountain Dew. Naturally, Ramsay found the TikTok and was appalled. "Can you imagine how sweet that tastes?" he asks, as the TikToker bastes his steak with butter and sizzling soda.

When the TikToker removes the steak from the pan and slices it up, Ramsay exclaims, "It's raw! This really hurts!" Although some commenters thought the steak looked great, others were firmly on Ramsay's side. "I agree with you, Gordon, he did it all wrong," TikTok user Runningbear05 commented.

Although "blue steak" (a steak so rare it's practically uncooked) is technically safe to eat, according to Smoked BBQ Source, it must be prepared carefully. And at the end of the day, we're not sure Mountain Dew and some salt counts as careful preparation.