Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Tilly Roasted Her Dad And TikTok Is Loving It

Gordon Ramsay and his children are pretty prominent on social media. The family has posted many a cute video with one another, some together and others more roast-like in nature. His insults of other people's food creations are legendary and lauded amongst fans who follow his social media. Some even submit their dishes in the hopes that he will rip them apart.

As far as familial posts, in September, he commented on Twitter jokingly referencing Tilly's dance partner when she was a contestant on "Strictly Come Dancing," telling her not to date the dancers. And outside of his father-daughter joke "feud," he posts his own solo videos on TikTok, like the one where he takes her up on a food dance challenge she dared her father to jump in on. And while Tilly is clearly a fan of her father, she is not one to shy away from a good joking insult herself, including a recent roast of her dear old dad.

Ramsay vacation mode, activate!

A video on Tilly's Ramsay's TikTok features an opening on a beach with the words "rating my dad on holiday" written across the screen and in the title. The video cycles through various stages of Gordon on their family vacation from jetlagged Gordon immediately post flight to Gordon grabbing a bike to ride away with his youngest son and making the rest of the family walk to his New Year's Eve shenanigans and more. 

Fans of Tilly were in stitches over the video, making a large number of comments on his likelihood of striking fear and nervous ticks in the kitchen staff wherever he eats, with notes like "I can only imagine the pure stress of eating anywhere with your dad." Others commented on the excitement of his vacation activities speculating what it would be like to see him doing things like snorkeling, with one commenter asking "Can you imagine bumping into Gordon Ramsay snorkelling in the sea?" Whether entertained or in awe, the post sure made a splash with fans.