Nestle Toll House Just Brought Back A Popular Valentine's Day Flavor

Nestlé Toll House is a brand that has been on the market for several decades. According to its official website, it all began with a chef named Ruth Wakefield: She was working on a cookie recipe back in the 1930s and added pieces of a Nestlé Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar to the dish. Well, the chocolates pieces didn't melt — they softened, which enabled the chef to come up with the first-ever Nestlé chocolate chip cookie recipe. This also led to the inception of several Toll House products over the years.

The cookies are fairly popular. In fact, they even made an appearance in the popular sitcom, "Friends," when Monica tried to decode Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe (via Glamour) and didn't realize that it was actually the Nestlé Toll House recipe for chocolate chip cookies. 

Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, it's almost time for Valentine's Day and Nestlé Tollhouse has just resuscitated a popular flavor in a bid to give its fans something to drool over. The brand posted the announcement yesterday on Instagram, leading to scores of reactions from fans.

Fans are super pleased with this Nestle Toll House treat

Nestlé Tollhouse took to Instagram to post a picture of the Valentine Chocolate Chip cookie dough with the caption, "Love is in the air and so is the smell of fresh baked cookies! Our limited-edition Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is back!" Understandably, fans are delighted with the latest update and have left enthusiastic comments on the post.

According to Delish, the Tollhouse cookies have red and pink heart sprinkles that add a cute spin to the cookies. Plus, the dough is pre-cut so that it's easier for home cooks to spread it on a baking sheet before popping the dough into the oven. A fan wrote on Instagram that they've already purchased the product and reckon that the cookies are yummy and super cute. Another commentator agreed with this and said, "Eep!! Too cute!"

Per Best Products, the 16-ounce packets of cookie dough are currently being sold for $2.99 and are available at major retailers and grocery stores across the country.