How A Grocery Run Led To A $100,000 Lottery Win

According to CNN, one Maryland grocery shopper turned a chicken dinner run into a $100,000 lottery win. In addition to buying a precooked chicken, the shopper purchased a Monopoly 50X scratch-off lottery ticket from a self-service machine. It seems that the chicken was luckier than a rabbit's foot because this lottery ticket revealed a $100,000 bounty.

The anonymous winner told CNN "I thought, at least I won $10 and I'll get my money back." After checking with the lottery app, the shopper was left shocked. Although the $100,000 might not be enough to build a hotel on Park Place, the family said that they would be using the winnings for a vacation, renovations, and paying down debt. Even though the article didn't reveal the exact grocery store of the winning scratch-off lottery ticket, many people might be wondering if that next chicken dinner purchase could bring the same bit of luck.

Is Maryland a hidden gem for lottery tickets

When one fortunate Maryland man scratched his way to a $100,000 lottery win thanks to a chicken dinner run, it presents the question: Was the winner's chicken dinner just luck, or is there something fortuitous about a grocery store run? For example, reports that a Rosedale woman won $50,000 on a scratch-off on New Year's Eve. The mom stopped at a convenience store for her daughter who wanted Blow-Pops. Although the winner claims she doesn't usually buy scratch-offs, that serendipitous purchase started her new year off with a bang. 

Perhaps Maryland is a lucky state in itself and it has nothing to do with grocery shopping at all. USA Today reports on a Maryland resident who bought two scratch-offs and won on both, a $100 prize on one and the jackpot of $2 million on the other, but the same man also won $2 million on the same scratch-off a few years back. 

According to WBALTV, in the state of Maryland alone over $28.2 million has been won playing the lottery just during the week ending on February 6, 2022. Although that number is enticing and certainly makes for good media attention, in reality, very few people actually win large amounts in the lottery. To put it in a better perspective, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than you do of actually hitting the jackpot (via Investopedia).