Instagram Has Mixed Feelings About Sam's Club's Valentine Cupcakes

Ahead of Valentine's Day, many store shelves are loaded with red and pink decorations, sweet candies, and specialty desserts, and Sam's Club is no exception. The retailer is offering a seasonal selection of Valentine's Day cupcakes for $8.98. These goodies come in two flavors: chocolate with cream cheese filling and vanilla filled with strawberry. 

Each cupcake is decorated with festive red and pink icing, hearts, roses, and even Ruby, an adorable "love monster." Sam's Club fan account @samsclubmembers posted a photo of the treat on Instagram, calling these cupcakes "almost TOO CUTE to eat!" "These will make the sweetest touch to a Valentine's Day class party or your Galentine's get together," they added.

Many Sam's Club fans agreed that these cupcakes would make a solid addition to their holiday festivities. "Going tomorrow! Those are soooo good!" @ramzmom1 raved. "Wow they did a beautiful job w these!" replied another user. However, while these cupcakes may look pretty, these decorated Valentine's Day treats didn't satisfy everyone's taste buds. Some found the thick frosting and sugary flavor to be a bit too decadent for their preference. "Warning: these are RICH. I felt sick after eating half of one. Way too much sugar/frosting," one commenter warned. "But it's too sweet," another user agreed.

Some people prefer a lighter dessert option

Even if you're not a fan of rich, decadent foods, you can still enjoy a tasty treat on Valentine's Day. There are plenty of lighter options that can still add a touch of sweetness to your night, and many of them can be whipped up right at home. An easy mixed berry yogurt sundae, a light, tart sorbet, or even a fruit salad, could be a great way to top off a romantic dinner, per Taste of Home.

Those who want to skip dessert entirely don't have to go without a sweet finishing touch, either. Instead, a romantic dessert cocktail could be the perfect way to end the evening. recommends some sweet and seductive drinks that are sure to end your Valentine's Day on a pleasant note, such as a rich Chocolate Martini, a fruity Guava Rose, or even a decadent Toblerone-inspired concoction. 

If you have a major sweet tooth and a fondness for festively decorated desserts, the Valentine's cupcakes from Sam's Club might be the perfect thing to add to your Valentine's Day celebrations. However, if you tend to shy away from overly rich desserts, you might want to opt for something a little less heavy to enjoy with your loved ones on Valentine's Day.