McDonald's Wants To Be The First Restaurant In The Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse has taken the tech world by storm. Wired explains that the metaverse consists of interactive virtual reality spaces that continue to exist and change, even when you don't interact with them, as well as augmented reality spaces. The space doesn't need to be exclusively accessed with VR goggles, either. The loose idea of the metaverse exists across videogames and computers, and even features a digital economy. According to CNBC, Walmart has plans to enter this new digital market and plans to start to "sell virtual goods." The brand plans to roll out their own NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more in tandem with their entrance to the metaverse.

McDonald's has seen the potential of this new digital space and now intends to get in on the action. According to Insider, McDonald's has applied for new trademarks that allow the chain to "deliver food online and in person." In addition to selling actual food, these trademarks give McDonald's the ability to legally sell virtual food, hearkening a new era for the ways fast food chains operate. The trademarks allow the business to do everything from selling NFTs to allowing the brand to open a virtual McDonald's location in the metaverse that delivers physical food.

A new digital era for fast food

Insider reports that it typically takes months for the government to approve filed trademarks, but it looks likely that McDonald's should have the ability to open its first digital location in the metaverse in the near future. The trademarks also cover the McCafé brand and even allow the restaurants to throw virtual entertainment events like concerts.

McDonald's intends to blaze trails thanks to its plans to digitally sell food. Panera has also sent in a trademark application to enter the metaverse in the form of the Paneraverse. This café chain intends to sell NFTs, host a "virtual reward program," and put on digital events. According to The Block, Panera also intends to sell food through their Paneraverse. For now, it looks like the race is on between these fast food giants and soon, you can expect the metaverse to host a myriad of restaurants that can help you grab a bite in at least two different realities.