The Real Reason McDonald's UK Took The Chicken Big Mac Off The Menu

McDonald's — one of the world's most valuable brands, according to Forbes — offers varying menu items in its locations around the globe. These dishes are often developed based on each country's traditional cuisine, local consumers' tastes, and available ingredients. For example, if you ever find yourself in Japan, you can order a Gracoro Burger, which contains a deep-fried croquette filled with shrimp and macaroni, per Delish. In Malaysia, you can get your hands on a cookies and cream pie for dessert. Meanwhile, Aussies and Kiwis love to indulge in bubblegum-marshmallow McFlurries. There are currently McDonald's locations in 118 countries, according to the brand's website. In the United Kingdom alone, nearly 4 million customers per day treat themselves to "Maccy D's."

Some of the newer U.K. McDonald's menu items that you can't order in the U.S. include Mozzarella Dippers, the vegan McPlant burger, and the Chicken Legend sandwich, per McDonald's U.K. However, these popular dishes were recently overshadowed by the chain's limited-edition Chicken Big Mac, which was so beloved that it didn't last very long in stores.

The Chicken Big Mac sold out way more quickly than expected

Whether or not you've ever eaten one, you're likely familiar with the famous McDonald's Big Mac. The towering, Big Mac Sauce-slathered burger was recently reimagined in the U.K. as a chicken sandwich. The Chicken Big Mac, which the chain revealed on Instagram for its February launch, is made with two crispy chicken patties, sesame seed buns, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and the same signature sauce. The sandwich officially made its way into the world on February 2 and sold out within just a few days — but how?

On February 11, McDonald's U.K. tweeted, "Well, that escalated quickly. Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knew no bounds and it's sold out almost everywhere." The company assured its fans, however, that the hearty sandwich will be available to enjoy again soon. As for what "soon" means, a representative for the fast food chain told Insider that the company is pushing the brakes on the Chicken Big Mac promotion for now — but it's estimating the mega-popular entrée will be back in a "few weeks" when the restaurants are able to restock their supplies. Talk about limited time only!