Here's How Much It Would Cost To Eat At The Super Bowl LVI Stadium

We all know Super Bowl tickets don't come cheap. NBC Sports reported that as of this morning, average ticket prices were about $6,670 with the least expensive seats costing approximately $4,000 and the most expensive going for a whopping $33,730. Hopefully, those who had the dough to score a seat saved some cash for food and drinks, because, as you might imagine, they also come at a pretty price. 

The New York Post conducted a round-up of what you could expect to pay for food and beverages at SoFi Stadium, and let's just say, these prices aren't for the faint of wallet. The game's "signature cocktail" is a concoction of Crown Royal, iced tea, lemon juice, and simple syrup dubbed the "Monday Morning Quarterback." And stadium goers who don't pass on it would pay $16. For someone who's more of a beer person, a 25-ounce can of Michelob Ultra would set them back $17 (USA Today reports that can this size is available for $3 at a California-based supermarket). A Bud Light might take a heavy toll on a wallet, costing $13.

But should you expect to pay these prices at the Super Bowl?

When it comes to football cuisine, a hot dog costs $5 at SoFi Stadium. A cheese pizza shaves $15 off a bank account, and a single snack-sized bag of a Frito-Lay treat goes for $5 (via New York Post). Some people might want to eat something closer to the color of the field. Those customers can spend $12 for a kale and lettuce salad and pair it with a $6 bottle of water. 

USA Today points out a couple of reasons that concessions at the Super Bowl aren't cheap. For one thing, the stadium forbids people from bringing beverages or food from elsewhere, limiting people's options. Secondly, if you're able to shell out at least $4,000 for a seat, what's another $5 for a tiny bag of chips? Twitter user @anezbitt took to the platform to post photos of some of the concession stand menu boards at SoFi Stadium, writing in the caption that "$17 for a mchelob ultra seems like a lot but it is very warm in SoFi." Other users commented that these prices were similar to what spectators would see at other sporting events, especially playoff games. One user tweeted, "im sure they set aside $100 to eat after paying the ticket price and parking fee."