Campbell's Chunky Soup Wants You To Choose Its Next Flavor

Campbell's prides itself on offering plenty of soup options to its customers, and it claims that maintaining the quality of its products is one of its top priorities. A description on its website states,"We don't take any shortcuts when it comes to satisfying your hunger. Our Chunky lineup of soups is packed with big pieces of meat and veggies that will leave even the fiercest fans full."

The soup's origins go back to the 1960s when "new research inspired Campbell's to create a hearty, ready-to-serve soup," leading to the launch of its first few flavors in 1970 including Chunky Beef, Chunky Turkey, Chunky Vegetable, and Chunky Chicken. The company also took on the responsibility of sponsoring the NFL in the 1990s and has been its official sponsor for many years.

Soup fans take the flavors rather seriously. A Redditor once asked others to list their favorite Campbell's soup flavors and received some thought-provoking responses from soup enthusiasts. A commentator gave Tomato the thumbs-up and added, "[It] goes great with my grilled cheese." Meanwhile, another person recommended the Bean & Bacon variant "with a fried bologna sandwich & kosher dill pickle."

Campbell's Chunky now wants its fans to choose its next soup flavor, according to a press release shared by the company.

Fans have the opportunity to pick their dream flavor

According to a press release, Campbell's Chunky Soup has requested its fans to pick a new flavor that will be officially referred to as the "Championship Soup." This "hometown limited-edition soup" would be named in honor of Super Bowl LVI, and would feature this year's winning team, The Los Angeles Rams. For a limited time period, fans can participate in a Twitter poll and choose between several flavors such as Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Chili Mac, and Steak & Potato Soup.

The brand's official Twitter account has already congratulated the winning team and asked fans, "If we were to make a hometown limited-edition soup, which flavor would you want?" There's also a disclaimer that says, "This soup doesn't really exist, but maybe it should." Additionally, the press release has mentioned that Campbell's will be "potentially turning the winning soup into an LTO label" before the next NFL season.

Per Marketing Magazine, the company tried something similar in 2014 when it collaborated with Movember and asked its customers in Canada to participate in the "Build a Flavor" campaign. Ffans were given the chance to invent a "Campbell's Chunky Pub Inspired Soup" with different vegetables, spices, grains, and protein options. The company also donated $1 for each entry that it received to support the Movember movement.