Instagram Is Raining Hearts Over Rachael Ray's Adorable Dog

Rachael Ray is a woman of many talents and is proficient in several areas. She obviously knows her way around a kitchen, as well as a TV studio. She also knows quite a bit about dogs, as she even created her own line of dog food inspired by her beloved pit bull, Isaboo. The one thing Ray may not be so knowledgeable about, however, is art history.

In a recent Instagram post, Ray posted a sweet pic of Isaboo's successor, the gorgeous Bella Boo Blue (whose name has a sweet story). The photo shows Bella lounging on a couch, looking all curled up and absolutely adorable. Puzzlingly, though, Ray captioned the picture, "Bella Rembrandt?" seemingly in reference to her dog's rather double-jointed pose. While the 17th-century Dutch painter's "Danae" depicts a woman relaxing on a bed kind of like Miss Blue, Rembrandt wasn't particularly known for painting extremely bendy people, nor bendy dogs (via Brittanica). Well, whatever half-forgotten Art History 101 memory may have sparked Ray's confusing caption, the photo — and its subject — are still one of the loveliest things you're likely to see on Instagram this week, and Ray's fans are all oohing and "aww"ing over it.

This snoozing sweetie is guaranteed to make you smile

Unsurprisingly, no one called into question Ray's knowledge of art history — since they were too busy commenting on all of the cuteness on display. On one episode of the "Rachael Ray Show," Ray described Bella's wintertime hobbies, saying: "She really just likes cuddling and being cozy." Well, the recent Instagram photo shows that the girl's got a talent for exactly that — and we're loving that Ray allows her pup to lounge on the sofa, too. As one user remarked, "she seems so comfortable like that!" Another person, perhaps noting the dog-tired expression on Bella's pretty face, cracked that it must have been a "ruff day!"

For the most part, Instagram was simply blown away by Bella's beauty. "Precious," "cute," "sweet," and "perfect" were some of the words that tried to describe everyone's delight at the pretty picture she made while curled up on her humans' comfy couch. While one person speculated that Bella might perhaps be a wee bit "spoiled," they took the teeth out of this remark by reconsidering, "nah. Wouldn't have it any other way." Nor would we, Bella, or Ray, and we wish them both a Happy Dogentine's Day.