Frozen Buffalo Wings Ranked From Worst To Best

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Buffalo wings were invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. It all happened one night in 1964 when Dominic Bellissimo asked his mother Teressa to make some food for his hungry friends who were on their way to the bar (via ILoveNY). She got to work frying chicken wings and threw together butter, some hot sauce, and a few other ingredients to create her own special recipe. Americans have been gobbling up Buffalo wings ever since. 

Whether it's the crunch, the spice, or the juiciness (the three essential components of the ideal plate of Buffalo wings) that makes them so irresistible, one thing's for sure, when the craving for wings hits, it demands satisfaction. While you might be tempted to make your own, with so many brands that offer delectable frozen buffalo wings, it's easier than ever to skip the prep and head to the freezer.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect brand to satisfy your chicken wing-related needs, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover which brands you should pick up the next time you're after some delicious, spicy Buffalo wings!

11. Kirkwood Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Kirkwood's Buffalo Style Chicken Wings can only be purchased at Aldi. They're part of Aldi's house brand, Kirkwood. The packaging promises "chicken wing sections, coated with sauce" alongside a delicious-looking picture of juicy wings. 

Unfortunately, you're likely to be disappointed by the texture and the flavor of Aldi's product. These Buffalo wings are cooked prior to freezing, which probably explains their strangely mushy texture. One reviewer on Reddit, commenting on the consistency of the wings, said, "These have probably the worst texture I've ever eaten. They're all gelatinous..."

You might have better luck if you have an air fryer; however, this probably rings true for most frozen Buffalo wings. It's no wonder these wings have ended up at the bottom of the list. After all, there are far too many appealing frozen Buffalo wing options to settle for these mediocre ones by Kirkwood. If you spot these at an Aldi, save yourself the utter disappointment and keep moving!

10. Perdue Buffalo Style Glazed Jumbo Wings

Perdue's Buffalo Style Glazed Jumbo Wings actually have a few good qualities: Their chickens are antibiotic-free and are fed a vegetarian diet. These wings are also preservative-free. So why exactly are these Perdue Buffalo Style Chicken Wings at the bottom of the list? Well, they're wildly inconsistent in terms of quality. One bag may be perfectly acceptable, while the next may be over-seasoned with salt (to the point that the wings are not edible).

As per a review on Amazon, "The wings that are good are very delicious, but it seems like every bag has at least 2 or 3 off-putting chicken wings. Only way I can describe it is that it tastes like battery acid."

Considering this review, it appears that Perdue's wings are fairly inconsistent in quality. Buying a bag of these is a bit of a gamble. If you're looking for wings that are guaranteed to be good, you might want to keep reading!

9. Tyson Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Buffalo wings are ideal finger food, however, there's no way Tyson can justify the tiny wings they have packaged and released as "Buffalo style" wings. It's sad, really, because the flavor is there. In order to enjoy the taste, you'll need to get past the texture and tiny size, both of which are two major factors that determine the caliber of Buffalo wings. 

Unfortunately, Tyson's wings suffer from a huge quality issue. According to a review on Amazon, "These wings were tiny with very little meat. The bones in a majority of the chicken in this package were broken. I have purchased this product several times, and this is typical of the quality."

While the sauce isn't half bad, it might not even stick to the meat due to the size of the wings. It's a shame to lose the one redeeming aspect of Tyson's wings. You might be better off just getting your own plain wings and adding Buffalo sauce — at least you'll have a bit more control surrounding the size and the quality. 

8. Great Value Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

If we had to describe Great Value's Buffalo Style Chicken Wings in two words, we'd say, "just no." There's just so much wrong with these that it's difficult to know where to start. 

Firstly, there are the broken bones, which automatically serve as a red flag. If you bite into these and you're not careful, you may find yourself bleeding. "My husband was eating one of these, and a broken piece of bone penetrated his gum between two teeth, causing him pain and causing his gum to bleed!" one reviewer on Walmart reported. 

If you've managed to avoid the bone fragments, you'll probably find yourself digging into a fish stick-like breading, which is all wrong on Buffalo wings. As another Walmart reviewer said, "The breading is terrible over the fat wings. There was no actual meat on these."

Here's a word of advice: If you're in Walmart and roll your cart past these, just act like you didn't see them. You'll save yourself a lot of disappointment.

7. Good & Gather Buffalo-Style Wings

Target's in-house brand Good & Gather makes everything from cleaning products to sauces and soups. Good & Gather's Buffalo wings are their attempt to offer an affordable yet high-quality alternative to some of the big-name Buffalo wings on the market.

Reviewers seem torn on whether these wings are the best or if they're just an oddly textured product masquerading as a wing. They have an average of 2.9 out of 5 stars spread across 90 ratings, so ultimately, while some customers have actually enjoyed these, most have not. In fact, only 43% of reviewers would recommend Good & Gather's wings to others. 

Consumers who used an air fryer had higher degrees of success, however, most comment on the odd texture of these wings. According to one review on the Target website, "I don't even know if they were actual chicken or just processed mush and the chemical artificial taste makes you wonder what you just put in your body." 

Overall, these barely pass for wings. They're basically fat and tendons covered in a mushy breading. 

6. Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings

Foster Farms is a premium chicken manufacturer that has aligned itself with American Humane Association standards. It's a mission we can stand behind. We also like the fact that the wings promise to be crispy, especially because there's nothing more unappealing than soggy Buffalo wings. 

Sadly, Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings fall short in terms of serving size. Wings are made for sharing, and when you're dealing with a bag that contains only a handful of wings, you'll most likely find yourself running out to get another packet. Some reviewers report finding only five or six wings in a bag, which sounds like one portion (although the bag claims to have two). One reviewer writes, "It's game day. I'm watching Greenbay stomp the 49ers. I go to make some wings. One bag has SIX freaking pieces. One bag?!? Are you serious?!?" 

If these were branded as a single-serving of wings, that would be acceptable. However, their advertising lacks transparency in terms of quantity and serving size. These will probably work for you if you're looking for a small portion. If you're looking to feed a crowd, you'll probably need to buy a few bags. 

5. Perdue Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz

Perdue Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wyngz are a Buffalo option for the bone-averse. They're little chicken chunks that are breaded and coated in a Buffalo sauce — sounds delicious, but how do they actually taste?

According to a review on the Perdue website, "We have some picky eaters in my house who don't like anything with bones. These make for a great game day snack and are so easy to make! The sauce is the perfect level of spice to keep everyone in our house happy.

Perdue Buffalo Style Wyngz definitely lean toward the nugget territory, although their taste is true Buffalo. While they have a delicious intensity of flavor, the breading is a bit hit and miss, which is why these aren't higher on our list. These wyngz cook nicely in the oven, unlike some of the other options we've listed here. Overall, they're a tasty option for those who are looking for the classic Buffalo flavor but would rather skip the bones. 

4. Field Roast Buffalo Wings

Field Roast is attempting to bring plant-based meats and cheeses to the table. They offer quite an impressive selection of chao shreds, burgers, hot dogs and sausages, and roasts. 

Field Roast Buffalo Wings are made from wheat gluten, apples, potatoes, as well as other ingredients that give this product the requisite texture and flavor. They also come with a Buffalo sauce. Now, while they don't compare to traditional chicken wings, as a plant-based alternative, they're a wonderful way to get the feeling of eating wings without...well, eating wings. 

According to a reviewer on the Walmart website, "I've been a vegetarian for 40 years, every once in a while something new comes your way. A vegan gave me this product, what a surprise. I'm not a HOT, Spicy kind of eater...but I couldn't stop eating these bites. Very flavorful!" 

These do need to be cooked with care because otherwise, they can become quite rubbery and unappetizing. Simply cook in a toaster or air fryer for the correct amount of time, and they should crisp up wonderfully!

3. Tyson Any'tizers Hot Wings

Tyson Any'tizers Hot Wings are your answer to unannounced guests. Just pop them in the oven and be prepared for a nicely textured, crisp wing. Unlike some other frozen wings that have a breading that tends to fall off, Tysons Any'tizers skip the coating altogether. They're just wings, fried and coated in sauce, akin to most restaurant-style wings. 

As per one review on Amazon, "Staple in our home! Not bready and seasoned great!" Fair warning — these are salty, but they're pretty good if you pop them in the air fryer. Since they're not coated with a questionable, mushy breading, these wings achieve a nice crispiness fairly quick. They're also seasoned with the perfect amount of spice without being aggressively hot.

Some customers have had some issues with fatty pieces of chicken, so you may find that each bag has one or two questionable pieces, but overall, the quality of these Tyson's Any'tizers is actually pretty decent. 

2. MorningStar Farms Veggie Buffalo Wings

Perhaps it's controversial to have yet another vegetarian product so well-rated in a category that should be strictly chicken, however, MorningStar Farms earned their spot fair and square. They've been making high-quality vegetarian products for nearly 40 years, so it's no surprise that their wings are top-notch.

This is the kind of product that's likely to be gobbled up by both vegetarians and meat-eaters as soon as it's on the table. The breading-to-"meat" ratio is perfectly balanced, and the coating tends to acquire a nice crunch in the oven without needing an air fryer. One reviewer comments, "I was surprised at how good these were. My biggest worry would be that they were soggy. Nope!! Super crunchy!! They have a little kick to them."

There is no substitute for meat, but for those who engage in meatless Mondays or are full-time vegetarians, MorningStar's wings are a great option. They're so mouthwatering that you won't look back.

1. TGI Fridays Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Leave it to TGI Fridays to create legendary frozen Buffalo wings. While their food isn't exactly innovative, they've certainly perfected the art of quick and convenient finger food, and their Buffalo-style chicken wings are no exception.

TGI Fridays Buffalo Style Chicken Wings are incredible for so many reasons. First of all, the serving size is clearly and boldly labeled on the packet. "Snack Size 2 Servings" is direct and self-explanatory — it lets customers know what to expect so they can be proactive about the number of wings they require. There are no disappointments in terms of the wings either. They're easy to prepare and have great flavor in addition to an enjoyable texture, limited fatty parts, a nice mix of wings and flats, and a great sauce. 

One review remarks, "Best freezer wings I've ever had! I love that the sauce comes separate so you bake and then shake. Makes them the closest to restaurant wings that I've had in ages. Add your favorite ranch and you're good to go."