Twitter Is Cracking Up At Guy Fieri's New Nickname

As the self-titled "Mayor of Flavortown," celebrity chef Guy Fieri is no stranger to nicknames. Indeed, he regularly refers to his popular travel food show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" as "Triple-D," a nickname he himself gave the show, according to Food Network.

This nickname reputation came up again as the star chef was featured in a new Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light Hard Seltzers. It features an imaginary place called "The Land of Loud Flavors," where citizens are dressed in Fieri-like clothing and have dyed white hair. They are seen bringing the mayor — of course, none other than Fieri — new discoveries of "flavor." 

After it aired, one fan was so stuck on the idea that they noted on Twitter they had mistakenly given Fieri a new nickname. The Twitter user confessed, "Just accidentally called Guy Fieri Flavor Flav." Other Twitter users added hilarious responses in droves. One commented, "In your defense, it's just short for 'flavortown,'" while another noted it would work if it was pronounced, "With that hard 'R.'" Another person on the thread agreed with appropriateness of the unintended labeling, and even expanded on the nickname by calling Fieri, "Flavortown Flav." Even Bud Light responded, " The mayor deems that title acceptable."

Fieri actually is quite a fan of nicknames

While he may be mostly known as the Mayor of Flavortown, some might actually be surprised to know that Guy Fieri has other nicknames as well. According to Delish, among close friends, the chef is known as "Guido," ironically a semi-derogatory, stereotypical name for a male of Italian-American background (via Urban Dictionary). He loves it so much, People Magazine has shown Fieri wearing a camouflage jacket embroidered with the monicker.

But it's not just Fieri who has nicknames — he is also known for giving them to other people.. According to Food Network, Fieri has gifted every member of his crew with a title, everything from sound engineer "Butterbean" to "Lamp Chop" the producer.

There's a chance one of them could also become a reality. A petition has been circulating to rename Fieri's hometown of Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown, where there's a possibility — albeit a remote chance — that he could one day become the actual mayor. The most ironic part about all of these clever monickers is that Fieri isn't actually the celebrity chef's birth name — in fact, his real name might surprise you. It's listed on his birth certificate as "Guy Ramsey Ferry," an anglicized version of the original family surname Fieri, which was changed when his grandfather immigrated to the United States. Fieri only changed it back to the authentic Italian spelling when he married his wife, Lori, in 1995. He truly is a man of many talents — and many names.