Hi-Chew Just Introduced Some 'Fantastic' New Flavors

The English language is a bit more complex than we might realize, with many words having multiple meanings depending on how they're used. Take, for example, the word "fantastic." While we usually use it as a synonym for "great," "wonderful," "awesome," etc., it also can have negative connotations in that a "fantastic" story is one that's, shall we say, not all that believable, while a "fantastic" scheme is one that's unlikely to pan out. Yet one more meaning of the word "fantastic," and the one we are using here, is something that pertains to the word "fantasy" — as in, Hi-Chew's new Fantasy Mix.

If you've yet to see Fantasy Mix on the store shelves, that may be because it just came out on February 8. But it's apparently been under development for quite a while. Another name Hi-Chew could have considered for this mix is "fan favorites," because the three flavors in this mix were all crowd-sourced. According to a press release, a 2020 survey found that rainbow sherbet and blue Hawaii were people's top picks for potential new flavors, while a 2021 poll found that blue raspberry was an old favorite. 

Hi-Chew combined all three flavors in a pretty pink and blue bag, gave it a name meant to evoke sweet candy dreams, and released it into the wild. Well, technically, the company released it to 7-Eleven locations and Speedway gas stations. But Hi-Chew is looking to expand distribution in the near future.

Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix has mixed reviews

So, how "fantastic" are the new Hi-Chew flavors? Reviews to date are few and far between, as is typical for a new product. Much of the info out there is strictly PR material, so of course, these flavors are being described as being the most delicious thing you've ever tasted. As Hi-Chew's press release put it, these candies are alleged to "transport your taste buds on an enjoyable experience unlike any other." (No hyperbole there, right?) 

One YouTuber who got her hands on the new Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix did say "These are so good to me," although in her 15-second video she didn't really get into any description. Another YouTuber, however, devoted nearly 12 minutes to his review. While much of the airtime was footage of him chewing, he did deliver verdicts on all three flavors. The raspberry, orange, and lime rainbow sherbet flavor he found to be "all right ... it wasn't bad ... 3 out of 5." The blue raspberry got a more ringing endorsement of "really good ... 5 out of 5," but the reviewer was not impressed by the blue Hawaii, a pineapple/citrus flavor said to be inspired by the cocktail of the same name. He rated that just 1 out of 5. Overall, the YouTuber found Hi-Chew's fantasy mix "not bad" but said he couldn't really recommend them — hardly a dream come true.