TikTok Is Defending A McDonald's Employee Who Got In Trouble For Making Videos

You could say we love our fast food drive-thru TikTok videos. From the McDonald's employee exposing a drive-thru fact about eavesdropping to the dancing Whataburger employee, there is always an abundance of content on the app that gives users insight into what it's like to work at different chain restaurants.

One McDonald's worker, @motheraangel, posted a video working at the drive-thru window. The TikTok, which was only three minutes long, showed the creator completing their duties during what appears to be a normal shift at their location. They are seen conversing with customers, putting in their orders, and putting their payments into the cash register. On the screen is the text, "i said i wldnt post tiktoks like this again bc i got in trouble but now im fired. tf they gonna do? fire me again?"

According to The Daily Dot, this message is in reference to videos that the user has posted at their workplace, which have supposedly made their employer unhappy.

Commentors came to the employee's defense

Commenters seem to think that the TikTok user was a dedicated McDonald's employee, based on the video they posted. One commenter wrote on the post, "Your multi-tasking skills are impressive." Another viewer left a compliment, which over 1,200 users liked in agreement: They wrote, "You are literally so fast, kind and helpful, you handle the pressure so well. Unfortunate they couldn't see that."

One TikToker pointed out that cameras are frequently scattered all over McDonald's locations, which is probably how @motheraangel got caught filming. Their comment read, "I genuinely don't understand why we can't record ourselves working but they have cameras all over the building that record us constantly."

Certain locations seem more laidback about their employees' social media use on the clock. One employee even made a behind-the-scenes video of how a popular menu item is made and uploaded it to the app. Unfortunately, the establishment appeared to be less relaxed about TikTok usage, but now, they have the support of the over 39,000 people who liked their video.