Carnivores Won't Want To Miss Out On McAlister's New Steak Menu

If you're craving a meat-centric item at McAlister's Deli, you'll have a ton of options to choose from. As reports, McAlister's unique club sandwich has hit the spot with diners thanks to its massive size and 13 layers of meat, including ham, bacon, turkey, cheese, and other fixings. Some folks may be in the mood for potatoes instead of bread, opting for The Spud Max that's loaded with turkey, Black Forest ham, and more. Others go for the classic French Dip, featuring roast beef on a baguette and served with a side of au jus.

McAlister's is already "famous" for its club sandwich, per Delish, but the fast casual chain is raising the stakes (or should we say "steaks") with a new selection of menu items featuring marinated and seared U.S. domestic grain-fed beef, its website reads. Here's what's on the lineup, which is only available for a limited time.

McAlister's is serving a new steak sandwich, salad, and spud

McAlister's Deli's website details three new upscale-feeling steak options. Customers can choose from the new steak and Gorgonzola salad, steak and white cheddar sandwich, or the loaded steak spud. The mixed greens salad features a mix of sirloin steak, tomato, and green and red onion, finished with Gorgonzola cheese and smoked bacon. Meanwhile, the steak and white cheddar sandwich comes on crisp ciabatta with spinach, fried onions, and two sauces: mayo and Dijon horseradish. The loaded steak spud rounds out the mix as a play on a loaded baked potato, which comes decked out with sirloin steak, bacon, green onion, and cheese.

On Instagram, the fast casual chain asked fans what they're "most excited to try first" from the limited-time steak menu. "I'm most excited about the steak spud!" one user said, while another shouted out the salad. The restaurant hasn't specified when exactly the steak promotion will end.