Andrew Zimmern Revealed On Hot Ones The Drink He Uses To Recover From Spicy Food

Spicy food can be a real catch 22. For some, heat is a great addition to a dish, some even crave spicy food. For others, the slightest chili flake can make their mouth feel like someone set it on fire. And while spicy food can have its benefits, like possibly elevating your mood and the potential to contribute to weight loss (per Healthy News 24), that hot, burning sensation on your lips and tongue might be enough to persuade someone to believe the benefits are not worth the risk.

Andrew Zimmern is not one of those people. He's no stranger to spice, as he noted on a recent appearance on the hit interview show "Hot Ones", in which celebs are interviewed while eating wings with increasing Scoville levels of hot sauce. In fact, Zimmern divulged that the spiciest thing he has eaten were some chilis from Northern Thailand. So, how did he heal after that burning sensation? According to NDTV, some solutions to soothe the burn can include dairy, sugar or honey, starches, or tomatoes/lemon, the latter of which have alkalines to balance the acid in spice. When he feels the heat, here's what Zimmern reaches for in a pinch.

Zimmern soothes the burn with this dairy product

In a video posted to Chef Andrew Zimmern's Instagram page, recapping his appearance on the show "Hot Ones," the culinary star chomps into a wing, noting how delicious the sauce is. The one on this wing is called "Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity" and is made with cantaloupe and scotch bonnet chili, amongst other ingredients, as Zimmern notes in his video. He also shares that he finds it both spicy and unique in flavor profile. But, after a few moments, Zimmern starts to really feel the heat, and reaches for his hot sauce salve of choice: chocolate milk.

In the caption to his post, Zimmern jokes about "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans, saying that he "can't decide if you're my nemesis or my hero." The chef also uses the post as an opportunity to repeat his preference for full-fat chocolate milk as the "burn-reducing drink of choice" and asks his fans what their preference is, though the question is largely ignored, as followers instead praised Zimmern and his choice. Leave it to the "Bizarre Foods" host to find a way to improve on the dairy many already know beats the heat from spicy food by adding chocolate to the mix. A true visionary!