This TikTok Had People Debating Twin Peaks' Employee Uniforms

When we mention Twin Peaks, we're not referring to the TV show by David Lynch with coffee, nuclear bombs, and homecoming queens. We mean the chain that promises beer, bar food, and "scenic views." The restaurant is known for its waitresses, who carry trays of wings and booze to the customers. However, there is a bit of controversy surrounding the company.

In 2018, former waitresses gave statements that revealed demeaning practices that were routinely carried out by managers (via CBC). These included claims of being forced to wear increasingly revealing clothes, being ranked and even punished by their appearances, and sometimes having to wear lingerie on the job. In 2020, the wilderness lodge-themed chain was hit by a sexual harassment lawsuit by 34 former employees (via The Chicago Tribune). The lawsuit alleged that much of the same practices heard back in 2018 were true and added that the atmosphere was so sleazy that it seemed the company was "run very much like a commercial sex ring." 

It would seem that Twin Peak's employee attire has led to the questions of what is considered work-appropriate at the restaurant. One hopeful Twin Peaks server shared on TikTok that they wore a crop top to her interview, only to receive a response they likely didn't expect.

TikTok's response to the Twin Peaks video

"He asked me why I wore a crop top to an interview and said it was unprofessional," says the text-to-speech voice in the TikTok video. The poster, @xoemmss, sat outside the Twin Peaks restaurant where they were presumably interviewed. They don't seem to be too phased by the criticism as they make faces at the screen with music in the background. As the video ends, they flashed a bag of what seemed to be clothes labeled "Twin Peaks Girl" across the screen, hinting that they had gotten the job anyway.

The clip left some commenters proud of the poster, and some offered their own opinion on her attire. "You have to dress for the part," wrote one user. "You don't dress the same for an interview at Walmart vs a bottle girl at the club," they continued. Another user even claimed that they had not gotten hired at a Twin Peaks restaurant because they had not dressed a certain way, blaming themselves for "dressing professionally cause that's what I was taught." Yet another replied, "Interviews seriously need to change some of the rules." The Twin Peaks chain has just achieved a year of historic prosperity and development. It plans to expand and open more locations (via Globe Newswire).