This Chris Jericho Catchphrase Became A Wine Brand

When Chris Jericho made the jump from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) to the newly-fledged All Elite Wrestling (AEW), he helped put the upstart wrestling company on the map as one of its biggest stars. As he told Pop Culture, though, he's now starting to assume an Undertaker-esque elder statesman leadership role. Jericho not only retain the rights to his ring name, but he also brought with him one of the best theme songs in all of wrestling. While "Judas" was originally a hit for Jericho's own band, Fozzy, it may now be better known as the sing-along anthem of thousands of AEW fans. Few wrestlers have ever received this type of pop with their entrance, but it's just one of many iconic Jericho moments that have made their mark on pro wrestling.

One such instant occurred shortly after joining the company when Jericho defeated former Ring of Honor/NJPW star Adam "Hangman" Page to become the first-ever AEW World Champion. What Jericho did to celebrate his title immediately after winning, though, has gone down in wrestling meme history. He went on a backstage rant about the lack of acknowledgment for his victory, culminating in a solo celebration featuring "cheap salami" and — a new catchphrase in the making — "a little bit of the bubbly!" 

As Jericho poured his wine, T-shirt makers started cranking up the presses (or whatever they print t-shirts on). Meanwhile, out in the Twitterverse, countless memes were being launched.

'A Little Bit of the Bubbly' was a big hit with fans

Sadly, no salami manufacturers jumped on board with the promo opportunity provided by Le Champion's party-for-one. Nocking Point Wines, though, commemorated Chris Jericho's win with a brand of bubbly. Nocking Point is no stranger to celebrity wine tie-ins, as the winery is co-owned by a celebrity of sorts: "Arrow" star Stephen Amell. One of the winery's past products was a "quarantine wine," produced with "our great friends Ashton and Mila," and we're assuming they don't mean Ashton Smith and Mila Ivanovna. A Little Bit of the Bubbly proved to be a big success for the brand, selling out within a few months. The company then released a second batch, and that's gone, too.

While one of the wine's selling points is a label featuring Jericho with his AEW belt, buyers also enjoy the taste. One person describes it as "the perfect mixture of beer and wine," while another says, "This stuff is really good ... We drink it during every PPV." 

A Vivino user, however, notes that while the bubbly is "good with food or on its own," it "does not go well with orange juice," a reference to Jericho's notorious "Mimosa Mayhem" match with Orange Cassidy, where he ended up taking a bath in the brunch cocktail. It seems Y2J had a little too much of the bubbly in this case — either that, or it just goes to show that orange juice (or Orange Cassidy) ruins everything.