White Castle Has Good News For Shrimp Lovers

Although not as big or as flashy as other fast food names, White Castle is still an integral part of the American fast food network. It is, after all, technically the first fast food chain in American history. The chain may be most known for its crinkle fries and those famous square sliders steamed on a bed of onions, but White Castle also offers a small selection of fried seafood items for those looking for something different. These include clam strips, Fish Nibblers, and a returning classic, Shrimp Nibblers.

Shrimp Nibblers are bite-sized pieces of shrimp deep-fried in a golden batter, much like your average popcorn shrimp. According to White Castle's chief-marketing officer Lynn Blashford, Shrimp Nibblers are a "perennial favorite" among White Castle customers (via PR Newswire).

These bite-sized shrimp snacks will be available alongside a new seafood item: the Panko Breaded Fish Slider, which is Alaskan Pollock in a breadcrumb coating and topped with American cheese. These items will be on the menu until April 17, just in time for the Lenten season, so those who are avoiding meat can have something to eat the next time a craving for White Castle strikes.

Seafood is White Castle's second focus

Shrimp, clams, and fish aren't the only seafood items White Castle has offered over the years. Back in 2021, White Castle re-introduced fan-favorite Crab Cake Slider back onto the menu alongside Shrimp Nibblers in time for the Lenten season (via Chew Boom). The Crab Cake Slider featured a crab cake patty slathered in a spicy "creole sauce" between two plain White Castle buns. But are these fishy foods really as popular as White Castle says, or is this just a case of floundering PR?

YouTube food reviewer TheReportofTheWeek reviewed the Sriracha version of the Shrimp Nibblers in 2016, and claimed they weren't "even close" to popcorn shrimp from competitors like Popeye's and that they were extremely salty and "buttery" for shrimp.  Another YouTube reviewer, Wayne Algenio, gave a sharp contrast, saying that Popeye's shrimp was "garbage" compared to White Castle's shrimp. Algenio noted White Castle's shrimp was very light in breading and had plenty of flavor, though he ranked clam strips above both the Shrimp Nibblers and the Fish Nibblers.

If you're still willing to try White Castle's Shrimp Nibblers for yourself, it's best to get them before April 17 before they swim away again.