Costco's New Mason Jar Dessert Is Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

A new product is hitting Costco shelves this week, according to a press release shared with Mashed. The dessert aims to appeal to chocolate lovers, in particular, as it combines moist chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, crunchy chocolate cookie crumbles, and chocolate cream in a reusable mason jar. To top it all off, the dessert is sprinkled with chocolate curls. This new product appears to be a spin on a "cake in a jar" dessert, which often features layers of cake and icing in a bowl or jar instead of being presented as a slice or standalone cake.

The dessert is exclusive to Costco and is part of a partnership with La Vie Gourmand, a supplier the store has worked with before. La Vie Gourmand also produces flatbread, lava cake infused with Bailey's, mouse, and fondue items that will all be exclusive to Costco, according to the supplier's Instagram account. But judging from the name, the companies appear to think the jarred chocolate treat is to die for.

The chocolate cakes will be located in the refrigerated deli section

Branded as "Death by Chocolate," the cakes will be located in the refrigerated deli section at Costco nationwide and will cost between $9.99 – $11.99, depending on the U.S. region. According to the press release received by Mashed, each box will include six individual servings in glass mason jars. As part of a bid to advertise the item, La Vie Gourmand posted a video to Facebook featuring a stream of chocolate sauce drizzling over a jar, to which a commenter exclaimed, "Oh lord!"

This isn't the first time the bulk-buy retailer has stocked desserts by La Vie Gourmand. In a previous iteration, Costco sold jarred birthday cakes; however, many consumers weren't impressed with the taste. The criticism mainly stemmed from what those customers considered an overly sweet flavor profile. This time around the chain wants customers to go on what it calls "a chocolatey adventure." Costco may soon find out if its chocolate venture will be bitter or sweet for the company.