Twizzlers Is Giving Fans Another Way To Eat The Easter Bunny

There is one thing about Twizzlers that has always been certain — its iconic shape. Whether you eat the candy one rope at a time or in one bite, the candy never fails to be the perfect movie snack. Hershey has already started off this year with a bang, first with an epic Valentine's Day lineup that included the popular Lava Cake Kisses.

Now the brand is preparing for the next big holiday, as the Vanilla Frosting Kisses and Cadbury Eggs are making a comeback this season. With Easter swiftly approaching, candy seems to be increasingly on everyone's minds; and Hershey's has no shortage of it according to the company's press release.

Just in time for the holiday, the candy company has announced a new product that is definitely going to take up some room in your Easter baskets. Twizzlers Bunnies taste just like the classic cherry flavor, yet are shaped like a bunny for a bite-sized treat.

Twizzlers Bunnies are only around for a limited time

According to Best Products, there will be no ridges on these like the original Twizzlers. The product description says, "A group of rabbits is called a fluffle, but bunnies that are cute, red and cherry flavored, we call them delicious!" Did anyone else just learn the word 'fluffle?' 

The candy can't be expected on shelves past April 17th. However, reviewers are raving about them as one wrote, "These Twizzler bites are the perfect size for snacking. The bunny shape is fun. The kids love them. They are soft and chewy and easy to eat." Another fan agreed as the comment said, "Everyone in my home loves these ... This is so yummmmmy, each bite is soft, chewy with bursts of cherry" (via Hersheyland).

If the reviews are this good, Twizzlers Bunnies just might compare to the most popular Easter candy. The product comes with about 7 servings per bag. Spring is just around the corner, so this definitely won't be the end of the line for new seasonal treats — sounds like the Easter Bunny will be hopping back and forth to the store this year.