21% Think This Is The Worst Brand Of Canned Soup

On super hectic days when the idea of making something complicated for lunch or dinner just sounds exhausting, a can of soup can be a lifesaver, offering a convenient, quick meal that you simply have to heat up to enjoy. That, and the fact that most canned goods such as soup can last for years in your pantry, makes them a must-stock item.

However, not all canned soups are made alike — many consumers have certain brands they turn to time and time again, and others have brands that they avoid altogether. Mashed surveyed 614 U.S. readers to find out what their least favorite brands of canned soup were, and the results are interesting to say the least.

Even when it comes to organic, while you might assume that this kind of soup would taste better, that doesn't always seem to be the case. In fact, a large percentage of survey respondents, tallying in at 21.66%, flagged Pacific Organic as their least favorite brand of canned soup. And 15.80% named Amy's the worst brand, which fared slightly better and might suggest you may want to select one of their offerings if you're looking to stock up on organic varieties. Another common soup brand, Progresso, received 18.24% of the votes in the survey, while celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's flavor-building skills seem to please consumers with his home goods too, as his brand received only 12.87% of the votes for worst canned soup brand, making it one of the more preferred options.

The surprising favorite brand of soup — and the most hated

Budget-conscious grocery shoppers will be thrilled to know that the favorite brand of canned soup, per Mashed readers, wasn't an expensive pick: It's the Trader Joe's store brand. Just 7.65% of survey respondents picked it as their least favorite, meaning it's actually the most preferred option. If you're looking to add a little flair, too, the brand's products have so many fans that there are even tips for hacking Trader Joe's canned soup offerings to take them to the next level, as Bustle explains.

On the other hand, the canned soup brand you may want to avoid based on the Mashed's survey results is a surprising one, as it's perhaps one of the most well-known. Campbell's canned soups have been on grocery store shelves for more than a century, and you may have even grown up dunking your grilled cheese sandwich into their tomato soup. However, survey respondents weren't convinced, and 23.78% of those surveyed named Campbell's as their worst pick of canned soup.

Of course, brand aside, there are also many other considerations when it comes to canned soup. You may find some brands do particular flavors well, or that certain ones should be avoided based on high sodium content or other additives. However, as PureWow reported, there are healthy canned soups that can make a convenient addition to your regular meal plan — it seems it's really just a matter of preference, and you may just have to sample a few brands and flavors until you find the ones you love.