Instagram Isn't Impressed With Duff Goldman's Copycat 'Cheetos'

If you've ever tasted a Cheeto, congratulations: you're doomed, for there's no going back to a Cheeto-less world now. But the good news is, you aren't alone. It's a well-known fact that even though the cheesy chip ranks amongst one of the unhealthiest snacks you could be eating, Cheetos have a certain "addictiveness" that makes them darn near impossible to resist once you've had a taste (via The Daily Meal). And according to the New York Times, Frito-Lay spends $30 million a year on a team of professionals who keep the crunch, smell, and mouthfeel of each Cheeto in check.

PerĀ Wired, Cheeto-making process is complex and involves intimidating machinery including an extruder where cornmeal goes in and perfectly-shaped Cheetos comes out. So when you go to recreate a snack on which that much money and resources are spent, let's just say that the process isn't going to be easy... even if you're an ace chef.

Duff Goldman's latest Instagram post is proof that even though we live in a world where copycat recipes are the norm, certain classics are better left untouched, especially when we're talking about a cult favorite like Cheetos.

Duff Goldman's copycat Cheetos look like anything but

Granted, Goldman's copycat Cheetos are yet to be put through hot oil but the way the pieces of cornmeal are looking coated in what seems like cheese powder seasoning, fans don't have much hope for the final result (via Instagram). "Cheetos is NOT what entered my mind when I first saw this.......LOL," points out one comment. Another sarcastically adds, "Oh. That's what I'm seeing. Okay."

If you ask one commenter, Goldman's long and curled-up pieces of homemade Cheetos "looks like what I sift out of the litter box." Rather than calling his creation Cheetos, Instagram has hilarious alternatives for what the Charm City Cakes owner's homemade version of the snack should be called: "Cheespoos" and "cheezy poops" seem to be popular ones.

However, loyal Goldman fans are hoping that the taste of the copycat Cheetos may redeem the homemade snack's unappetizing appearance. Until Goldman reveals the recipe so Instagram can come to a final consensus, fans will just have to make do with actual bags of Cheetos as they wait.