Why Disney Food Prices Are About To Get More Expensive

Like airports and movie theaters, food at amusement parks has always been expensive. There are none-to-limited food options when you're insulated in a self-contained ecosystem like an amusement park. Hence, there's no incentive to keep prices low, and corporations can charge whatever they want because their choice is the only choice.

As Mickey Blog points out, Walt Disney parks have always been some of the worst offenders, charging rates like $3.50 for a bottle of water and $4.50 for a bottle of Coca-Cola. Attractions Magazine even suggests budgeting a whopping $200-$250 per day for food for a family of four. According to the Disney World website, though, guests are allowed to bring food and drinks into the park, provided that they aren't in glass containers. But who can resist some of the best food at the parks, according to Spoon University, like Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars and waffles, BB-8 cupcakes, and even whole turkey legs? Part of the fun of going to Disney amusement parks is eating the delicious and Instagram-worthy food. Even though food prices at Disney parks have increased substantially over the last 50 years, prices are about to get a lot more expensive (via Disney Food Blog).

Supply chain issues are affecting food prices at Disney parks

Unfortunately, the most magical place on earth isn't immune to dips in the economy. The phrase "supply chain issues" has been ubiquitous during our current pandemic, and Disney has also fallen victim to rising costs from disruptions in manufacturing, distributing, and item availability, reports Disney Food Blog. The food and grocery supply chain is one of the industries that has been hit the hardest by disruptions, and that extends to the food and restaurants in the Disney parks as well.

The parks have suffered merchandise shortages in the gift shops, causing a low volume of stock items and even some full and partial shop closures. According to Disney Food Blog, some dishes, such as those topped with cream cheese frosting, have been temporarily taken off the menu due to ingredient shortages — cream cheese being one example. With the disruption to the supply chain not resolving any time soon, things like transportation and delivery costs and even prices for individual ingredients will continue to rise, which will be reflected in the cost to the consumer across Disney parks (via Walt Disney World News Today).