Reddit Can't Stand Aldi's Lobster Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has become a ubiquitous pairing as natural as peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. When chefs threw lobster into the mix, it seemed like a whole new flavor dimension opened up for the humble dish. According to Grub Street, some traced the beginnings of lobster mac and cheese to a recipe from "The French Laundry Cookbook." Others said that the dish evolved from items like Lobster Newburg, a creamy lobster served on top of buttered toast.

While the food sounds decadent, even Aldi carries a version. While the grocery chain might carry their own take on this frozen meal, the product has claimed few fans on social media. Redditors flocked to a post titled, "Aldi Lobster Mac and Cheese. While the looks don't match up to the box the taste, amount of lobster and prevalent seafood smell is fantastic," that featured a picture of the lobster mac and cheese against the item's picture on its packaging. The post inspired some backlash against the item and shoppers agreed that they did not care for it.

Reddit is united against Aldi's lobster mac and cheese

Aldi shoppers across Reddit have united in their disdain over this particular lobster mac and cheese. Responses included takes like, "I am shocked. This is seriously the first and only thing I have EVER returned to Aldi. I found it so disgusting." Another user observed, "This thing was always out of stock but I was dying to try it out. Finally got my hands on one last week and ... it was nauseating. Way too fishy, the lobster was rubbery and tasted awful. Just simply terrible." Others jumped in, saying, "Yep. We took ours straight back too. Terrible stuff." 

One Redditor commented, "Thought it smelled like feet and tasted ... strange." One of the only users who seemed to enjoy the product was the Redditor who posted the thread, saying, "Really? Is this a thing? I absolutely loved it," and they even inspired another, who said, " I haven't tried it yet because of all of the harshly negative reviews. Maybe I will now, you've given me the courage."

Given the fact that the majority of the thread can be summed up by the comment, "I thought this stuff was nasty," it seems like anyone who gives this product a shot does so at their own risk. While it struck a positive chord with some, Reddit resoundingly came together to completely dismiss this take on a classic dish with a refined history.