Sunny Anderson Says This Is The Best Specialty Danish She's Ever Had

A well-made Danish pastry, typically just called a Danish, is a thing of beauty — buttery yet light layers of dough, accentuated by whatever filling the baker decides to use in that particular Danish. As The Los Angeles Times reports, the beloved Danish was actually created because of a mistake — a French baker who forgot the crucial step of adding butter to his dough decided to fold lumps of the rich dairy product into the dough instead, and accidentally created the many-layered marvel.

Now the Danish is a staple in bakeries around the world, with many spots offering both the standards as well as more creative specialty versions with unique flavor combinations. Food Network personality and cookbook author Sunny Anderson recently came across a specialty Danish she called the "BEST THING EVER," and she couldn't help but share the finding with her more than 676,000 Instagram followers.

The specialty Danish was purchased at Cafè 57, a local diner that Anderson frequents. Though Anderson mentions she was trying to lay off the sweets a bit so she could "fit in [her] jeans again," and that she typically declines the culinary creations that the chef at Cafè 57 (who she called her "suga pusha") tries to tempt her with, the idea of a lemon meringue Danish was something she just couldn't resist.

After sampling the Danish in question, Anderson urged the chef to "PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE" — it seems she had found a new favorite.

What others were saying about the lemon meringue Danish

Anderson treated her Instagram audience to a close-up snap of the Danishes, the pastry hardly visible underneath mountains of fluffy, toasted meringue with just a hint of lemon curd peeking out.

And it seems Anderson wasn't the only diner at Cafè 57 tempted by the unique Danish offering that day. One individual commented that "my mom and I were the ones who stopped in and stocked up just before you! And they are SO GOOD! Regret nothing!" Another wrote, "I got the first one out of the tray this morning. Still warm and soooo good!" A third commenter seemed convinced to finally make the trek to the diner Anderson was raving about, writing that "I have seen so many posts about this place lately. I need to get there! These look AMAZING!"

Those whose interest was piqued by the lemon meringue Danish may want to check out the diner's own Instagram page, where they share some behind-the-scenes glimpses at the process. As one post demonstrated, they use plenty of fresh lemon zest in the product. And it seems the lemon meringue Danish isn't the spot's only foray into twists on the classic flavor combination of creamy meringue and tart lemon. They also frequently advertise a creation of their own called lemon meringue rolls, which appear to be akin to a cinnamon roll, only with lemon curd folded in to the pastry and a dollop of toasted meringue on top.