What Chick-Fil-A Employees Hate Most To Bag, According To Reddit

Working in a fast food restaurant requires two key traits: patience and speed. If it's the middle of the lunch rush and you're stuck waiting in line at McDonalds or Burger King, you have to wonder just how the employees inside are handling it. After all, can you imagine trying to bag boxes of burgers, fries, and heaven knows what else into those flimsy brown paper bags without making a mess or messing the order up? It takes a lot to keep cool under that type of pressure, especially when it comes trying to bag some of those more "complicated" orders.

Chick-Fil-A employees, behind the friendly smiles and the "my pleasure" after finishing your order (via Taste of Home), also have a gripe or two with trying to bag some pretty complex orders. It's something that always seems to add a bit of insult to injury when they're trying to bag a bunch of orders during a particularly busy afternoon surge. While there isn't one solid thing that employees get annoyed bagging up, some of the items they would prefer you didn't order on your visit may surprise you.

Employees seem to dislike soup and salads

On the subreddit r/ChickFilAWorkers, user "jfscibbe" asked their fellow employees what item "drives you nuts" when it comes up on the bagging screen. Several employees gave differing opinions, but a majority of them claimed that soup and salads were among the hardest things to bag.

"Parfaits and custom salads. Just takes a while to bag," said one Redditor. "Hate soup. Those stupid lids for the cups always warp and never stay on," said another user, followed by another commentator claiming that they spilled a chicken tortilla soup all over themselves while trying to bag it. Other employees, however, claimed that bagging kid's meals and custom meals were the hardest things to bag.

"Red flags with crazy customizations or 'bag separately,'" said user "Connor61802". 

"Kids meals. One kids meal, fine, alright," explained user moomoonewt. "But there's always that one lady who orders like 4 or 5 kids meals ... and I by no means hate kids but sometimes I just get the strong urge to just straight up tell the guest to stop having kids, or at least split a 30 count." They continued by explaining that they actually love bagging salads and wraps — unless the salad has 3 or more dressings, which makes the order far more complicated.

On the opposite end, it seems that Chick-Fil-A employees actually are pretty cool with you getting iced tea. Perhaps skip the salad and kid's meals for sweet tea the next time you're there — for the employee's sake.