The Daily Drink A 108-Year-Old Woman Swears Is The Secret To Her Longevity

While Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth, a woman named Julia Iverson might have discovered the secret to a long life that could be sitting in many people's cupboards. Even though celebrities might seem to never age, the reality is that turning another year old happens and youth seems to fade like a memory. Iverson seems to know something about marking another year around the sun. The Cheshire, UK resident celebrated her 108 birthday and the occasion was marked with more than just cake and balloons. It included her daily ritual and everyone's glass was raised in a toast. 

According to the BBC, the octogenarian is well-liked by the residents and staff at the Brampton Lodge Care Centre. Having lived in Africa and other parts of Europe, Iverson seems to have accomplished a life well lived and she is willing to impart her wisdom to others. Staff at the center shared that she is a lovely and kind person. Her daughter commented that her supportive mother focuses on "a positive outlook on life." While there might be benefits to humming that Eric Idle song, it seems that Iverson might attest to a life that is more than half full, and that description applies to her wine glass as well.

Ready to pop the cork on longevity?

When Julia Iverson turned 108, many people longed to know her secret to marking another year. Warrington Guardian reports that Iverson pairs that positive outlook with a glass of red wine. The daily ritual, which can happen any time of the day, is purportedly one of the reasons that Iverson has marked yet another birthday. Although she prefers her tipple not watered down, the types of red wine she prefers are either merlot or rioja. Even though there was a birthday cake at her special celebration, a few wine bottles were gifted to keep her well-stocked for that daily ritual.

In some ways, the connection to wine and a life well lived seems to be a common longevity prescription. Forbes shared that French nun Sister André, who turned 117 in 2021, also drinks a small glass of wine every day. Even until just last year, Queen Elizabeth II would have a cocktail most days (via Vanity Fair). Although these situations might be circumstances, good genes, or something else, some people might use the stories as a reason to open a bottle. Maybe the old saying about an apple a day and the doctor might be changed to a glass of wine a day.