You Can Find A Recipe From The Office In This Streaming Service's User Agreement

Fans of "The Office" are familiar with the show's quirky cast of characters, their classic one-liners, and the many plotlines that, when combined, tell a story of humor, heartache, nonsense, and secondhand embarrassment. The fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company's Scranton, Pennsylvania branch is a motley crew, with a staff consisting of Michael Scott, the aloof yet caring regional manager, Jim Halpert, the wise-cracking sales rep (and later co-manager), Pam Beesly, the shy receptionist (and eventually office administrator), and many others who add their own essential elements to the dynamic workplace (per IMDb). One of the staffers who often provides comic relief is Kevin Malone, played by Brian Baumgartner, an accountant who is known for his clumsy nature and charming obliviousness.

In "Casual Friday," the twenty-sixth episode of season 5, the Scranton staffers are given permission to dress more casually than normal, hence the title, and hilarity expectedly ensues. In the episode's cold open, Kevin is shown lugging a giant vat of chili into the office, but things get a bit messy — literally (per IMDb). If you're a subscriber of NBC's exclusive streaming service Peacock to watch reruns of the hit series, you likely missed a small yet important detail in your user agreement upon registering.

Peacock subscribers can access Kevin's famous chili recipe in their user agreement

The idiom "spill the beans" took on an entirely different meaning in "The Office." As those who have seen the show are aware, few scenes are more memorable than Kevin spilling the majority of the contents of his vat of homemade chili on the office floor — and hilariously attempting to salvage it with nearby supplies from the reception desk (via YouTube). The episode's opening scene has been embedded into viewers' minds and continues to cause laughter. Peacock subscribers can actually enjoy Kevin's chili — hopefully without tipping it over in their kitchen before serving it.

Today revealed that Kevin's famous chili recipe is a clever Easter egg hidden within the text of Peacock's user agreement. TikToker @mckenziefloyd posted a video to prove that the recipe is indeed part of the service's legal statement, something consumers often scroll right past to speed up the process. But if you look closely enough, you'll find the necessary ingredients and steps to whip up a batch of your own.

Don't have Peacock? No worries! Brian Baumgartner himself recently partnered with Bush's Beans as a brand spokesperson, and Kevin's famous chili recipe can be found on Bush's official website. Thanks for the belly-shaking laughs — and the bowlfuls of delicious chili, Kevin! Just remember: "The trick is to undercook the onions."