MS Paint Can Apparently Run On This McDonald's Kitchen Software

For those of us who have grown up with computers, Microsoft Paint was an essential part of childhood. You would come home from a long day at school, grab an Uncrustable or some Yogos, and go downstairs to a beautiful boxy computer that took ages to turn on.

You didn't have to be an artist to open up MS Paint. You didn't even have to be technologically gifted to use it, unlike some applications today that seem to require five master's degrees to find the pencil tool. (We're looking at you, Adobe.)

MS Paint was for everyone — until Microsoft hinted at possibly discontinuing the program in 2017. Fortunately, the program was saved through the power of nostalgia, even if the current version is very different from what we grew up with (via Windows Experience Blog). In fact, today's MS Paint can even run on one of the appliances at McDonald's. Talk about high-tech!

The McDonald's/Microsoft crossover we never expected

There's a lot to be said about McDonald's beverages. The chain's $1 drinks are a great deal, and McDonald's Sprite in particular is just so satisfyingly crisp. Even the fountain drink machines at the chain's drive-thru are unique in their ability to self-dispense.

But none of us ever expected that these fountain drink machines would be able to run MS Paint. When CarItheIIama posted to Reddit saying they had opened MS Paint on the chain's beverage system, people were shocked. Some questioned whether or not the claim was true, until another former McDonald's employee shared the link to a YouTube video explaining exactly how the beverage system works.

Other McDonald's employees chimed in to compare appliances. Mr-Mee666 commented, "Your beverage system is so cool, ours can't go five minutes without dispensing multiple cups or jamming itself in the conveyor belt." LinnGreene encouraged the original poster to try other things, saying, "Now get Doom on there." Maybe Candy Crush Soda Saga would be more appropriate?