Martha Stewart Dazzles Instagram With Pics Of Orchid Dinner Centerpieces

On February 24, Martha Stewart attended one of the poshest events of the season at the Plaza Hotel in New York City featuring some of the most elaborate orchid-centric centerpieces imaginable. The function included an orchid sale, cocktails, dancing, and, of course, dinner set at tables decorated with the incredible bloom arrangements. The annual Orchid Dinner serves as a fundraiser for the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) to help fund its 'horticulture, botanical research, and children's education programs." Stewart served as a chair on the committee for the dinner that highlighted the works of some of the country's most illustrious floral designers (via NYBG).

The event kicked off the NYBG's Orchid Show, which this year features works from celebrated floral designer, Jeff Leatham, who has turned the Garden into an orchid-filled oasis with a kaleidoscope-themed twist. Stewart took to both her blog and Instagram to encourage others to attend the botanical show and to chronicle her experience at the dinner which included purchasing multiple plants and capturing photos of some of the most spectacular centerpieces.

Some fans were not impressed by the massive centerpieces

Martha Stewart recounted her time at the NYBG's Orchid Dinner on her blog, posting pics of the various creations that graced the tables, including the piece on her own table, made by floral artist John L. Goodman, featuring a tall, ornately-carved frame draped with orchids, a tower-like sculpture in the center atop a suspended stone arrangement, and crane-esque birds surrounding the work on the bottom. 

Stewart posted even more pics on her Instagram account highlighting the different centerpieces with a myriad of colors and imaginative designs. She partially captioned the series of pics, which has 29,100 likes as of this writing, "It was an especially beautiful evening and the orchid sale was fantastic!!" 

Fans took to the comments to express their awe for the centerpieces, with one writing, "Wow!! Spectacular!! Those are all absolutely stunning displays," and another stating, "Crazy beautiful!!! Such talent," followed by a couple of heart emojis and two heart-eyed emojis. 

Surprisingly, there were some that weren't impressed by the massive floral arrangements. Comments of distaste include "Gorgeous! Personally I don't like you can't see people across the table" and "Way too big for the table." Clearly, these large, orchid-inspired table setting rules to follow are not for everyone.