Klondike Brings Reese's Peanut Butter And Caramel Flavors To Its Cones

One of Klondike's most well-known items is likely the Choco Taco, and you can even get the treat from Taco Bell. According to the press release, there is a slight catch — customers will only be able to find the Choco Taco from select Taco Bell locations in Southern California or Milwaukee, but there's a chance that Taco Bell will eventually bring this fan-favorite Klondike product to stores across the country. Thankfully, you can still find Choco Tacos in plenty of convenience stores, but if you're looking for a new Klondike ice cream to sample, then you're in luck.

Klondike has released creative items, like donut-shaped treats with coffee ice cream inside the chocolate shell or milkshakes in a pouch. But their newest products combine some popular candies and desserts with their classic cones. According to Brand Eating, Klondike's new ice cream cones are inspired by Reese's Peanut Butter candies, and there are also cones with caramel fillings and caramel ice cream. What would you do to try one of these new Klondike cones?

What are Klondike's new flavors?

Klondike has the full descriptions of all of its products, including its newest additions, on its website. In one box, customers can find two of the latest flavors: Coocoo for Caramel and Vanilla Caramel Classic Cones. Both of these frozen treats have a caramel filling inside the cone and are topped with strips of chocolate and peanuts. The difference is that one cone has caramel ice cream while the other has vanilla. Another one of Klondike's offerings is the Reese's Chocolate & Reese's Peanut Butter Pack, which also contains two types of ice cream cones: One has chocolate ice cream, chocolate swirls on top, and a peanut butter center while the other has peanut butter ice cream, chocolate swipes, and a peanut butter center.

But if peanut butter and caramel aren't your favorite flavors, there's still one more new Klondike option you might enjoy (via Elite Daily). Klondike also has new Cookies 'N Cream Cones that are topped with cookie crumbles and have chocolate sauce in the middle of the treat. With this product, fans can enjoy a creamy vanilla ice cream. While there's nothing like buying your favorite Klondike product from an ice cream truck in the summer, we can imagine warmer days with these flavors.