The Hooters' Uniform Tights Policy That Had TikTok Fuming

When it comes to certain restaurants like Hooters, it's no surprise that the chain has seen a fair bit of controversy for its "style." But when it comes to the rumors and accusations of unsavory business practices that have been made against the decades-old chain, not all are entirely true — or even partially true. That said, in some cases, the question of what exactly goes on behind the scenes at these "breastaurants" has garnered a fair bit of media attention.

In 2000, Hooters lost a sexual harassment lawsuit regarding a female employee who claimed that inappropriate sexual behavior and demeaning punishments were common in the restaurant' work culture (via ABC News). Male employees have also filed lawsuits against the chain, alleging that male supervisors would harass them and force them — alongside female employees — into demeaning situations (via FOX News). 

And Hooters' unconventional employee uniforms aren't just controversial for their looks. In fact, according to one TikTok user, the revealing outfits are not only mandatory — they're an expense for workers.

Hooters tights are bought from a bathroom dispenser

According to TikTok user kenzjee, working at Hooters means that you have to purchase your own tights. In her video, kenzjee and another employee show off a large dispenser in the restaurant's restroom. She inserts $5 dollars into the machine, selects the "Suntan B" option from a list of different lengths, and a small wrapped pink box falls out into the tray. Viewers of the video were caught between wondering why the waitresses had to pay for their uniforms at all and being surprised at how easy it is to get the chain's famous — or perhaps infamous — uniform.

"Why do you have to buy your uniform?" one person asked. "Isn't it the [employer's] job to make sure you have the equipment to do your job?" Another comment noted that at jobs where you have a uniform, it's not uncommon to have to pay for them. "These tights are a scam. They tear so easily. I had to buy a new pair every few weeks," another apparent employee said. "I hated buying them! $5 every day," shared someone else.

This isn't the first time the revealing outfits of "breastaurants" have been the center of attention. Female employees of Twin Peaks claim they were forced to wear increasingly skimpy clothing and even lingerie (via CBC).