Instagram Is Loving Martha Stewart's Cute Cat Pic

There are many ways you could describe Martha Stewart. Chef, host, author, lifestyle guru, gardener, farmer, a friend of Snoop Dogg. But you would be remiss if you didn't also say animal lover. Stewart has had many beloved pets over the years, from her French Bulldogs Creme Brulee and Bete Noire, and her Chow Chows Emperor Han and Empress Qin (via Woof Republic), to her various Himalayan and Persian cats, per The Martha Blog.

How dedicated is Stewart to her furry friends? Well, she has a hydraulic grooming table in her house so they can be meticulously groomed on-site, and at one point she was offering her cats five different varieties of food daily (via Slate). She even hosted the Puppy Bowl in 2021 alongside her friend Snoop.

Recently, Stewart shared a photo of her cat Empress Tang on Instagram. The photo showed the cat — a calico Persian — relaxing next to a pot of dendrobium orchids. "I miss her and I am sure she misses me," Stewart said in her caption. Fans were smitten with the cute cat pic.

Empress Tang is missed, but not dead

One thing to clear up for fans is that though Stewart said she misses her cat Empress Tang, it does seem like the feline is still alive and well. As of an Instagram post from 13 weeks ago, Empress Tang was snuggled up in Stewart's own bed, right on the pillow, and it seems like Stewart misses the cat simply because she's traveling. Some commenters on Instagram seemed to fear the cat had passed, but there's no evidence of it on Stewart's social media.

Many folks had kind things to say about the picture of Empress Tang. "She needs a children's book series about her life and perspectives," said one fan. Another commented, "She looks like she lives up to her name."

Still others pointed out that these cats are living a life of luxury: "Furry lil home girl probably lived a life with you better than most humans do in a lifetime!"

Stewart's cats really do seem lucky, and her animal-loving fans can likely expect to see even more cute pictures of her pets in the future.