Instagram Is Loving Sunny Anderson's 'Extra' Look

If you're a fan of Food Network's "The Kitchen," then you're familiar with co-host Sunny Anderson. Anderson brings a lot to the show — she's fun-loving, jokes around with her fellow co-hosts, and shares recipes that are cozy, comforting, and inspired by her international background (the star is from a military family, served in the Air Force herself, and lived in Germany and Korea in her younger years).

Now, Anderson is making a splash on a new show. She's one of the judges of the new "Spring Baking Championship" on Food Network and Discovery +, and she showed off her fun, bold look for the first episode of the show on Instagram. In the photo, Anderson can be seen in a bright blue floral shirt, sporting long blond hair with two ponytails on either side accented with pastel-colored streaks. She's also wearing pink lipstick and has bright blue eyeliner on her lower lashline. Fans and co-workers alike loved the star's colorful look.

Anderson's fans thought she looked great

In another Instagram post, Anderson shared a video of herself on the set of "Spring Baking Championship" with a contestant. "Why be simple when you can be extra?" the contestant says, then the camera pans to Anderson, who mugs to the camera. "Where is the lie?" she wrote in her Instagram caption. "Tap in below if you are simply extra without even trying."

"Love the hair and makeup," one fan said on the video post. "Such a fun look." On the close-up photo of her look, Anderson's Food Network colleagues also expressed their appreciation. "You look amazing," said Damaris Phillips. "Beauty," added Alex Guarnaschelli. Chef Jamika Pessoa, the co-host of another cooking talk show, "The Good Dish," said "You look so fun! Cheers to glowing in your full swag on TV!" 

It doesn't seem like Anderson is going anywhere anytime soon, so her fans and coworkers can likely look forward to more bold looks from the star in the future.