Costco Fans Are Psyched About The Return Of Its Lemoncello Almonds

Limoncello has excited cocktail enthusiasts and citrus fans for generations thanks to its burst of lemon flavor. According to The Kitchn, this spirit entices diners thanks to its sweet, lemony flavor that comes from real lemons getting steeped in a hard liquor like vodka. After mixing in some simple syrup into the concoction, you are left with an iconic liqueur that has tempted taste buds ever since emerging from Italy in the early 1900s, per Florence Inferno.

While this sweet, citrusy alcohol can stand on its own, you can also pair limoncello with a variety of other flavors. According to Food Pairing, limoncello goes great with "grapefruit, mango, black currant, blueberries, ginger, cinnamon, cheddar and triple sec," but also compliment basil, chartreuse, and a wealth of other flavors. Flavor experts haven't explicitly specifically paired the liqueur with almonds, but that hasn't stopped Costco from bringing back their iconic limoncello-coated almonds that now have Instagram talking.

Instagrammer @costcohotfinds spotted the lemoncello almonds during a grocery run and showed off a video of big display boxes loaded with the snack. They captioned the video with, "Lemoncello's are back at Costco!!! When I saw them set up in the center of the aisle I was so excited!! These are big 24oz Costco sized bags too," and fans couldn't hold back their excitement.

A ton of love for Costco's lemoncello almonds

Followers quickly jumped into the comment section and shared their thoughts about the return of limoncello almonds. The Instagram post saw replies like, "I loved Costco before discovering you and now I'm even more broke after discovering you. sooooo many good finds though I just can't resist!" and, "I blame these for the 20 lbs I gained during COVID quarantine. dangerously good." Others said, "Those are soo good! Can't wait to get again," and, "Grabbing those babies tmrw!" Some users even jumped in with gems like, "LOVE LOVE THESE!!!!" and simply, "These things are dangerous." Some had apprehensions, and asked questions like, "Is it more creamy than lemony? Or more lemony than creamy?" but with so much love, it looks like Costco knocked it out of the park by bringing this snack back.

The snack may have excited a good majority of fans over on Instagram, but only time can tell if this new iteration of nuts stacks up to previous years offerings. Either way, Costco found a way to pair limoncello liquor with almonds, opening the doors for even more wild flavor combos in the future.